Yearly Roundup and 2019 Goals

Hello lovelies,
It's been a whileee
Well I thought I would share a year round up and my hopes and goals for 2019.

2018 will go down in my history as the worst year of my life so far, so that's been fun *sarcasm*.
I lost my grandma in January, my social anxiety kicked my butt all year, my boyfriend of nearly 7 years broke up with me and the beautiful cat that spent most of his time at my boyfriends house was knocked down by a car (he was actually his next door neighbours). So yeahh not the best really but, I'm so thankful that I have a roof over my head, food and my family (big shout out to my sister) & my best friend Roisin. There were so many times this year that I wanted to hide under my duvet and never leave again but, hey here I am I survived it all. Surely things can only get better, right?

I've set myself goals for this year instead of resolutions because I think the word goals is a little less intimidating than resolution (I don't know it makes sense to me).

So here are my goals for 2019

Get stronger
I've been exercising five days a week (sometimes there is a little bit of slacking) for a couple of months, I'm yet to start enjoying it but, I'm impressed with how I've actually stuck with it for longer than a week. I would like to even possibly (if I'm being very adventurist)join the gym when I have more money, although the thought terrifies me to my very core. Mainly because I don't have an athletic bone in my bone in my body.

Cook and bake more
I LOVE food so it seems crazy that I actually don't cook or bake very often.  

Be kinder to myself and stop being a damn perfectionist.
I am the biggest cheerleader of everyone (strangers included) but, with myself I'm the complete opposite. You name it I'll have put myself down about it, my appearance, my personality, my intelligence and my drawing skills. It can be so tiring/draining and I'm so done with it. Being a perfectionist is so damn frustrating, thinks take at least 10 times longer because I don't think what I've done is perfect.

Make significant progress in therapy
This one is a biggy and probably the goal that will have the biggest effect on me.

Say yes to more things/new experiences 
There's not much to say about this really, sometimes I should yes to trying things instead of thinking of every negative outcome that may come from doing so.

Go outside more
I'm an actual hermit that spends a good 99.9% of my time inside drawing and hiding from life. I want to take my camera out with me on a nice long walk and get snap happy. I mean it can only be better for my for my health than sitting inside. 

Finally sort out my wardrobe
At the moment I dislike 90%* of my wardrobe so, I definitely need to sort through everything I have and either sell or give some to charity. I want to have pieces that will go with plenty of other items in my wardrobe. I also no longer see the point in having items that don't make me feel good about myself.
*I'm clearly really into using percentages in this blog post

Read more books
In an attempt to improve my memory (keeping everything crossed) and it's nice having something else that chills me out other than drawing and watching Gilmore Girls on Netflix.

Start saving for the future
I feel like every person and their dog has now got a house or a flat that's they either rent or own so I'm feeling a little bit behind now. It would help to actually get a job to start the saving process in the first place.

Go on holiday
I haven't been on holiday since 2009 so I'm excited to finally be able to visit a new place. After, this past year I think some time away is just what I need and actually bloody well deserved! I'm not sure where I want to go really, I don't want to go somewhere too hot but, I would like some sunshine a stark contrast to grey Manchester at the moment. There are so many beautiful places that I would love to explore one day, it just takes some £££ that I don't currently have. But, for now scrolling through Pinterest will have to do until hopefully some point this year I can get away.

Get some bloody sleep but, also get up earlier
My sleeping habits have been awful for as long as I can remember so it would be nice to finally do something about it. I love sleep so why I don't go to sleep earlier who knows.

Experiment more with my illustrations & try new crafts
I'm so excited to work on some new illustrations and ideas that I have for the new year. I will finally take commissions, something I have been putting off because I didn't think I was good enough. Last year I did my first bit of digital drawing which has been interesting and quite tricky really so, I would like to improve my digital drawing skills too this year. I got into embroidery towards the end of 2018 so I'm hoping to carry that on and see where that takes me. I'm also looking forward to trying out punch needling which looks so cool and creates a sort of shaggy rug effect! Will I get a stall at craft fair? Maybe but, no pressure although it would be nice.

If you're reading this I hope you had an amazing Christmas and that 2019 is your best year yet!

Thank you so much for reading!
Love from


Dreaming of Autumn Clothes

Hello lovelies, I'm back and as always hoping that you're well. 
so the past few days I have been loving life (well the weather anyway), it is finally a bit cooler!
I really enjoy just browsing ASOS and whilst I was doing so the other day I found myself unconsciously, saving quite a few Autumn appropriate clothing items on ASOS, yes I'm one of those people who is dreaming of the upcoming season and the simpler times when you could wear jeans without sweating everywhere including your eyelids!

Dungaree dresses can be worn all year round just switch your short sleeve for long sleeves, I think they make nice casual outfits.Not my usual chosen pattern but, there's something about this checkered skirt. The denim dress would look really nice with a pair of woolly tights and a pair of Chelsea boots! A classic trench coat always makes me think of Audrey Hepburn in Breakfast at Tiffany's and this is no exception, which can only be a good thing! How cosy does that cable knit jumper look? Imagine being wrapped up in a blanket wearing that and comfy socks, reading the Harry Potter books, drinking a mug of hot chocolate?? YESS. The pink shade of this jumper and the frill details are really cute. It's also a bit different from your standard jumper. I think the midi skirt would work so well with a turtle neck jumper, and a nice pair of boots.
I think the denim dress look like it would be very flattering and can be worn now with bare legs or in winter with a pair of tights and of course boots. They grey jumper looks really come can be easily worn underneath items and tucked into skirts. I love this striped top (you know I love a good stripe) with contrast pops of colour on the sleeve cuffs. The dusky pink crop jacket would be great for the transitional period before we get into the depths of Autumn and Winter. You would never guess that the checkered skirt and blouse is really a dress! It would be ideal for all formal events and what I like the most about it is you don't have the problem of a blouse coming untucked from your skirt. The black and red jumper is a really nice statement knitwear with red glittery lips (yes, I did just say glittery) which is a perfect contrast. pussy bow.  Another piece of knitwear but, probably the most versatile with it's colour and being very slim fit it could be worn tucked into a skirt, jeans or underneath a pinafore. It's of course a winner with a pussy bow and a slight ruffle neck. The lettuce edge trim on the neckline and the sleeves and the tortoise shell buttons are a lovely addition to the basic style long sleeved top.

I hope you enjoyed seeing and reading about me chatting about my very early Autumn favourites.

Thank you so much for reading!
Love from


Swimwear Favourites

Hello lovelies, I hope you are all doing well!
I'm not quite sure the point of this post really, I just saw quite a few pieces of swimwear and wanted to share my favourites with you. Fun fact I've never worn a bikini in my adult life mainly because I haven't been on holiday since 2009. I guess if you're lucky enough to be going on holiday soon you might see some pieces that you might like.

As you might be able to tell from this post I love a good pattern and ruffles when it comes to swimwear.

 I'm a big fan of all of these swimsuits especially the buttercup yellow square neckline piece from Topshop, the rust colour (I love it so much) ruffled piece from ASOS and the gingham piece with the tie front & cut out detail from Forever 21. But, if I had an endless supply of money I would definitely buy them all! 

Definitely way out of any budget I would have but, there is something about the Topshop Tommy Hilfiger bikini that I like, the triangle/halter neck top is such an interesting style. I also love the ruffles (of course), stripes (of course) and the addition of the red Tommy logo. I really like the red striped SUPER high leg and high waisted bikini bottoms from ASOS and it looks like everyone else is as they are sold out at the moment. The bottoms are definitely eighties/nineties inspired obvious with  how high leg and waisted they are! the black and white polka dot bikini with ruffle straps from Forever 21 is another favourite of mine too, I like how it's slightly different with a square neckline!
I thought I would include a few high waisted bikini bottoms aswell because I find that they look very flattering and are perfect for any one who is a bit body conscious like myself.

Thank you so much for reading
Love from


Feeling lost

Hello lovelies (anybody out there reading),
it's been three months since I last wrote anything on here (big shock) *disclaimer* the rest of this post is the ramblings from the inside of my head.
I've been really feeling very lost recently and struggling the worst I have in a while with a lack of confidence and feeling anxious about everything.
I feel with social media being so popular these days and everyone posting the highlights of their lives (I'll probably do a whole post on that) I find it difficult not to compare myself to strangers. I get this overwhelming feeling that I'm now 24 years old and should have my sh** together like so many people on my Instagram, people I know from high school either have their own, place, are married and have kids.

Job/Career wise I haven't a clue anymore! At the moment I'm currently looking for any job really just to get some money. The dream would be to buy and sell vintage clothes because I love clothes so much and think I would really enjoy looking for the individual pieces. But, I would also like to carry on with my illustrations and selling them. Hopefully I will figure it all out eventually, sooner rather than later please.

I'm not 100% sure where I'm going  this post if I'm being honest so I will just leave it short, I just wanted to get all my thoughts out.

Thank you so much for reading!
Love from 


My Favourite Bloggers

Hello lovelies, after going a bit incognito since February I thought I would start back with a post talking all about my favourite bloggers at the moment. Everyone featured in my favourites always have something interesting or helpful to share whether it be travel guides, important talks about confidence and health and fashion tips. I find each of them super inspiring not just style wise but, what they do with their blogs, their writing styles, photography but, also how they use their voices to talk about important topics
P.s. I swear it's just a coincidence that 60% of the people in this post are from or based in Manchester.

Liv, Megan, Alice, Sophia, Hayley and Grace if you are reading this, you are amazingly talented and I can't wait to see what you all do in the future!

So, here are my current favourites
Olivia is a long time favourite of mine, her blog and her style, I actually think she may be the first blog I ever read! She blogs about her amazing style and travels to various beautiful places, every post makes you feel as much like your there, as you can sat on your couch at home. I think I need to make a special mention to her and her fiance Joe's photography because I love it so much! Many of their photographs have a Wes Anderson feel to them. Her styling of outfits never fails to impress me too. 

If you love a good podcast you should definitely check out Liv's with the lovely Charlotte of Betty Magazine called The Fringe Of It!

A few of my favourite posts:
- Suite Like Jagger
- How To Spend: 12 Hours In Glasgow
- Spotty Skin Survivors
- Little Scalloped Jumper
- The Year Of Power Dressing

Check out Olivia's Youtube channel: What Olivia Did

Go and give Liv a follow on her social media pages 
Twitter: @livpurvis
Being someone who wears little to next no colour I love visiting Megan's blog to get inspiration and in hope that in the future I will take the plunge and wear more colour one day. I definitely need to take a leaf out of Megan's book and wear things that make me feel good not, what I think others expect me to wear.
You might have seen her not too long ago on your tv screens on some L'oreal hair adverts!

A few of my favourite posts: 
- Some Things You Didn't Know About Me
- The Pieces That Make Me Feel Powerful
- The Small Things In Life
- Pupdate | One Month In With Two Dachsund Puppies
- Dressing For You And Only You & Some Things I'm Loving RN
- A Change In Priorities

Check out Megan's Youtube channel: Megan Ellaby

Go and give Megan a follow on her social media pages

Instagram: @meganellaby
Twitter: @meganellaby
I love how Alice can dress up a pair of a jeans making them look Parisian style with a silk shirt and blazer or a lovely white Victoriana shirt. Whilst styling lovely outfits she writes about a range of topics from beauty to friendship, to confidence and to personal health, which is something I really like about her blog. Alice really reminds me so much of Anna Karina for some reason (I had to add that).

A few of my favourite posts:
- Glossier | My Top Picks
- Recognising Improvements
- Friendship In Your Twenties
- Pratical And Personal
- Healthy Dose Of Internet
- Some Things You Might Not Know
- Dressing For Other Women 
- Seven Things For Seven Years

Check out Alice's YouTube channel: Alice Catherine

Go and give Alice a follow on her social media pages
Instagram: @alicecatherine
Twitter: @aliceharan
I love Sophia's style so much and I definitely have a bit of hair envy (my face is too round for shoulder length hair and a fringe). I'm a big fan of the way she creates song names or lyric puns for the title of her blog posts, she's been doing it since she started, that's dedication! 

A few of my favourite posts:
- Tell That Mick (Jagger) He Just Made My List Of Things To Do Today
- You Should Have Racing Stripes
- So This Is New Year
- You Look Like You've Been For Breakfast At The Heartbreak Hotel
- International Womens Day - Show Me How Good You Are
- Out With Old In With The New? Vintage Made Easy!

Go and give Sophia a follow on her social media pages
Instagram: @sophia_rosemary
Twitter: @sophiarosemaryb

Hayley has a really sweet style, pairing white blouses with dungarees and striped t-shirt. I've been a big fan of her lookbook videos on YouTube for a few years now, they epitomize whichever season it was filmed in whether it be Autumn or Summer. I love having a nosey at her monthly playlists too, for new song recommendations. You should definitely go over to her Instagram to see more of her outfit blog posts. 

A few of my favourite posts:
- Sunday Girl
- January's Style Round Up
- The Monthly Playlist : February 
- "I Think We're Just Gonna Have To Be Secretly In Love With Each Other and Leave It At That, Ritchie"
- Everydaylifegoals: Ditching The Denim

Check out Hayley's YouTube channel: Hayley Margot

Go and give Hayley a follow on her social media pages
Instagram: @hayley.margot
Twitter: @hayley_margot
Grace has recently started getting back to blogging frequently which I have just started reading, not knowing she blogged. Grace and her sister Amelia have their own YouTube channel and also a vlog channel which I've been watching for a year or so, abit late to the party but, it's better late than never hey? I've really enjoyed reading her recent blog posts and I'm excited to see more posts from her in the future. 

A few of my favourite posts:
- Living Together With The Boyfriend For The First Time
- Double Denim Is The Way To Start
- It's Ok To Stand Out
- I Got A Puppy, Meet Juno
- Is Working From Home The Dream?

Check out the Mandeville's YouTube channels:
Mandeville Sisters

Go and give Grace a follow on her social media pages 

Instagram: @gracemandeville 

Who are you favourite bloggers at the moment?

Thank you for so much for reading!
 Love from 

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