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BEEP! BEEP! Alert new shoes alert! New shoes alert! I bought myself some new shoes this week which I very rarely do! I was on the look out for some cute, summery shoes (something other than my converses and Chelsea boots) and in the end settled for the shoes below. I was going to get the white versions of these but, thought I'd go for something a bit different. I love the cute, little cut out details that they have. I think they will go perfectly with some white ankle socks and a tea dress or skater dress on a nice sunny day. I'd probably wear them with my gingham trousers with a cute collared top for the not so warm days.

Inspired by my latest shoe purchase and the lovely weather we had early last week I have decided show you all a few of my favourite pastel coloured clothes and accessories in the shops at the moment. 

Mint collared skater dress @ ASOS - £42 // lilac bow neck tie @ ASOS - £6 // pink peter pan collar blouse @ Dahlia - £50 // gingham skater dress @ Missguided - £25

I'm glad that the trend didn't just end at the oversized pastel coloured coats in Autumn and Winter. I love pastel colours, you wouldn't know that from my black, white and navy filled wardrobe but, I think it really gives off that Spring/Summer is on it's way feel. I find that when it comes to pastel coloured clothing you can't really go wrong with them.

Cream satchel bag @ ASOS - £30 // Cat eye sunglasses @ ASOS - £15 // Blue satchel @ ASOS - £18 // watch @ ASOS/Olivia Burton - £72 // lip stick @ Topshop - £8 // blusher @ Topshop - £7 // nail varnishes @ Topshop - each £6 

If you don't want to go all out on brightening up your wardrobe yet, with the weather not being the warmest either (definitely up North anyway), why not slowly bring in the pastels with a few sorbet coloured accessories and make-up? Oh before I go I want to recommend checking out ASOS because they have plenty of pastel coloured items of clothing at the moment and Topshop has a few nice pieces! 

I'm going leave you with this photo of some granny trend setters aha, even my grandma has a baby blue cardigan now, rocking it!
Bye for now!


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