The Blog Recognition Award

Hello lovelies, today's blog post is a bit of a brief one nothing too long winded.

Katherine who blogs over on Millennial Rants ever so nicely tagged me to answer the questions from the Blog Recognition Award the other day, so of course I shall be answering the questions in this post.

Before, I answer them these are the rules

- Thank the blogger who nominated you and link to their blog
- Briefly explain how how your blog started
- Give two pieces of advice to bloggers just starting out 
- Select 15 bloggers you want to tag and give the award to - and then let them know

How my blog started 
I actually started it years ago back in 2012 but, I never used it regularly. I decided to start up my blog so I had some where to talk about anything I wanted to.

Two pieces advice for new bloggers
Hmm I'm no expert when it comes to blogging and I still have so much to learn
what I would say though is
1. Be yourself and write about what you're passionate about as it reflects so much in your writing.
2. Don't be afraid to interact with other bloggers because you never know you might find some good friends through doing so. Taking part in Twitter blogger chats definitely helps ease you into talking to new people if you struggle with things like that like I do.

I'm not sure who else to tag, as I think pretty much all of my favourite bloggers have been tagged already although, I don't think the lovely Tanya of Scribbled Dreams has been so I would like to nominate her!

Thank you for reading!
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Next Wishlist

Hello lovelies, today I have Next Wishlist to share with you all!
Once upon a time Next used to be a clothes shop that I saw as a somewhere my mum and other 35+ years shopped at but, the past few years I have been wanting more and more pieces by them! I totally wish I had money to buy everything on the wishlist below but, alas I don't *sad face*.
Here are my favourite finds from Next:

1. Denim Dark Blue Pinafore - £30  |  2. Navy Broderie Ruffle Dress - £50  |  3. Navy Slogan Shirt - £34  |  4. Nude High Neck Lace Top - £32  |  5. Lipsy Polka Dot Ruffle Dress - £38    6. Blue Stripe Off Shoulder Shirt - £30  |  7. Off The Shoulder Ruffle Sweater -£18  |  8. Blue Ruffle Shirt - £28  |  9. Tie Shoulder Cami - £16  |  10.  Navy Broderie Ruffle Top - £38  |  11. Black/White Check Trench Coat - £90

1. The dark wash of the denim is really nice. I think it would look lovely with a shirt underneath, a pussy bow blouse or even your favourite band t-shirt and some metallic ankle boots or for a more casual look some trusty converses.

2. This navy broderie ruffle dress would be perfect to transition from Early Spring too Summer! 

3. I really like the 'Au Revoir' embroidery on the back of the blouse, the white piping around the edges and the Peter Pan collar. I think this blouse would look cute tucked into maybe a nice midi skirt.

4. This nude/blush lace blouse would go well with most bottoms, you could wear with an A-line mini skirt or tucked in to black skinny jeans with a pair of ankle boots. I think it's such a pretty colour!

5. I think this such a cute dress that could be worn during winter with tights or without during the summer!

6. I love how it's styled in the photograph with the navy midi skirt there's something very Audrey Hepburn-esque to it and the style of the top is super elegant looking. 

7. Another striped top? Erm of course! But, this has a RUFFLE!

8. The ruffle on this shirt is such a nice detail a bit like a cape (maybe it's just me).

9. ohh my goodness how cute is this top?? I'm actually so tempted to buy this top! I would live in this in Summer time especially. I love the gingham pattern, the frill and the cute tie arm straps.

10. This is the shirt version of the no.2 broderie dress I would probably style this with a pair of skinny jeans or dungarees and converses. 

11. I really like this gingham trench coat I think it's a lovely, unique take on the classic camel trench. I have seen it in store and it seem 

From this wishlist I have learnt that at the moment I love anything navy or with frills! 
They have so many lovely pieces in stock at the moment, you should definitely have a look! 

What are your favourite pieces from my wishlist?

Thank you for reading!
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The Real Neat Blog Awards

Hello lovely, it's been a while since I last posted as I've been concentrating on my illustration work which I hope to do a post on soon just share with you my more recent pieces. But, I'm currently have technology problems so it might be a while till I can't get them up. 

The other day I was tagged by the lovely Vanessa on Life of Vanessa-Ann for the The Real Neat Blog Awards which are similar to the Liebster Award but, you answer Seven questions instead of Eleven.

So before I start here are the rules of the tag
- Thank and link the blogger that nominated you
- Answer the seven questions they asked you 
- Nominate seven bloggers for this award and let them know you nominated them 
- Ask seven questions for your nominees

Vanessa asked me these interesting questions, I had to have a good think about a few of these answers

What's your favourite memory?
ahh I can't decide! So here are some of my top memories
meeting my boyfriend, going to Leeds festival, seeing Arctic Monkeys live, getting a hug off Johnny Marr, graduating university, getting some of my work in the Secret 7 exhibition, watching Mr Bean with my grandad on NYE one year, family holidays when I was younger, I could go on

Did anyone inspire you to start blogging?
Ohh this was a while a go now but, I think Olivia from What Olivia Did was the first blog I properly read and to this day is still a firm favourite of mine! 

Favourite and least favourite social media site?
My favourite social media site is Instagram, I also love Pinterest but, I'm not sure that's considered a social media site. I enjoy using both of them because I'm a very visual/creative person. My least favourite social media site is probably Facebook.

If you could go for a meal with ANY 5 people who would it be?
ahh this is so difficult, I'm assuming that also includes people that haved sadly passed away.
David Attenburough 
Carrie Fischer
Audrey Hepburn
My Grandad

What was the last song you listened to?
Ed Sheeran - Shape of You because the 16/17 year old Katie loves it

Where do you hope to be this time next year?
I would love to either be a full time freelance illustrator with an online shop selling prints of my illustrations OR be in a job that I am enjoying.

What has been your biggest blogger achievement? 
hmm probably getting to 600 followers on Bloglovin, getting so close to 700 eek!

I actually don't have seven favourite bloggers that haven't yet been nominated and answered questions but, here are the lovelies I am nominating

I nominate

Katherine of Millennial Rants

My questions
1. If you could only keep 5 of your personal possessions which would you keep? 
2. What is your favourite thing about blogging?
3. Favourite film, book, tv programme and song?
4. What is your favourite thing to do in your spare time?
5. Where would you most like to visit in your lifetime?
6. What's one thing most people don't know about you?
7. Which season do you like the most and why?

wow could I have used the words 'favourite' and 'what' any more??

Thank you so much for reading!
Love from 

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