Dear Santa...

Dear Santa...

So I thought I would make a list of things I wouldn't mind getting for Christmas. Yes, yes I know "what, why haven't you got Alexa Chung's book" my only excuse is that I'm a poor student. I really like the wine coloured fedora, here's hoping I actually suit a hat for once (damn you, pea sized head). The Andrea Garland lip balm ring is just amazing! I love my current Daily Journal by Frankie Magazine so another one for next year would be great!Anything Benefit would appreciated (as I have never owned anything Benefit). Oh and of course I wouldn't be Katie without my bright red lipstick.

What do you think of my wishlist?
What's on your wishlist?


These Boots Are Made For Walking

Sorry, I haven't blogged in FOREVER, I have been very busy with Uni work recently and being a first year I wanted to keep on top of everything from the straight off. I have missed blogging though as I enjoy chatting on about things that I like and that inspire me. Hopefully I will be able to blog more often soon.

Anyway, enough of that I thought I wanted to make a special post about my new boots that my mum very kindly bought me a couple of months ago now. I am just a little bit in love with them! When I first saw them I wasn't sure whether they would suit me as a) I have teeny tiny ankles and the top of the boots are quite wide  and b) I used to just wear converses ALL the time so the thought of get big girl shoes scared me slightly. But, I'm glad that I tried something different for once.

I love the colour of them so much, it's like a red wine colour. They are like a cross breed between Chelsea boots and brogues. 

      Miss KG - were £70 at the time, now £49

(There is a filter on this photo, they are slightly darker in real life)

What do you all think about them?

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