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Okay, I must confess that I'm obsessed with Pinterest, I could spend hours on there looking for inspiration for things such as illustrations, interior design or recipes. If you've don't know what Pinterest is, it's like an online scrap book of peoples favourite things. I thought I'd share with you a few images/Pins which may give you an idea of what I like and what to expect from the rest of my Pinterest.
Beauty board
Pinterest is great for tutorials on various things, hair styles, make-up looks and nail art. I really want to create the flower nail art style shown above and try out the vintage hair style in the first photo. 
D.I.Y board
The D.I.Y's on Pinterest are so interesting, I hope to do most of the ones I have pinned on to this board at some point in my life. The middle image above reminds me of when I was in primary school and we all made a miniature garden in these trays and made benches out of lolly sticks.
Products I love board
This board consists of novelty items, retro inspired items and generally jazzy looking things.
I love the Orla Kiely cushion it looks modern and retro (with clear inspiration from bold 60's patterns). How nice is the colour of the the sixties phone chair above? 
Bedroom board
All the pins from my bedroom board look very fresh and girly (even though I'm not a complete girly-girl) I like the idea of a bedroom being a very tranquil and cosy place. I'd have quite a bit of white with some bolder colours coming through accessories and prints on the wall.
Bathroom board
I'd have a whole nautical feel in my future bathroom; shells, blue tones, rope details and maybe miniature beach huts. Just something with a nice, fresh feel to it, not something too clinical though! 
Kitchen board
A smeg is definitely in my future kitchen to make it my dream kitchen! I like the idea of one one of those old style sinks like in the pin above. A black board in the kitchen would be essential for me to remember what I needed from the shops (lets face it, I'd lose a list) then I could take a photo of the list on the black board before heading to the shops. 
Dining Room board

I don't have much to say about this board really.
Living room board
My Living Room board features a lot of grey fabric couches, some 60's furniture, prints and photos hung up on walls. 

Little details board
I'm sorry but, how cool is that roller?? the mini house is a tea light holder, imagine how cute that would look when it's dark in whichever room it's placed in.
Illustration board
I love illustration which is definitely a good thing when I'm taking a course on it! I enjoy seeing other peoples styles and finding out there inspirations for their work. These are a few of my favourite illustrations that I've pinned over my time of having Pinterest. 

If you'd like to see more my Pinterest here's the link: pinterest.com/lemon94/

Do you have Pinterest? Feel free to drop your link in the comments box and I'll give you a follow!

Thanks for reading!


  1. i could spend hours on pinterest too! i love it but its so distracting when i have work to do! id love it if youd comment back http://www.amyelizabethfashion.com/2014/10/little-black-dress-collection-launch.html xx

    1. Same! I could say that about twitter and Instagram though hehe xx

  2. I'm also like you and could easily spend hours on pinterest but I still haven't quite managed to get the best out of it for my blog. I still love looking through numerous makeup looks though (that's what most of my boards are for) xx

    Beauty with charm | Bloglovin

    1. I just spent a good hour looking through illustrations on there, I find them so inspiring! I definitely need to try out the make up looks on there!

  3. You look gorgeous! I have nominated you in the One Lovely Blog Award Tag, I hope you re-create the tag! http://fayeannmua.blogspot.co.uk

    Faye-Ann X

    1. aw thank you, that's so kind of you to say! I'll definitely re-create the tag :-) thank you for nominating me! x

  4. Loved reading this! I shall follow you on Pinterest I'm a total addict haha.
    You have such a lovely blog and I LOVE it's name. Is it inspired from the Arctic Monkeys song? If it is that is amazing its one my favourite songs of theirs.
    New follower here :)

    Collette xxx

    1. I'm glad I'm not the only one who is addicted to it aha. aw thank you so much lovely, I'm glad you like it! It is indeed, it's one of my favourite songs by them. Thank you for following me, I followed you back :) xx

  5. Pinterest used to be my absolute favorite place on the Internet, but I went on so often that all the pins started to be the same old stuff! I haven't been on in a while, though; perhaps I'll have to check it out again. These pins look fantastic, especially the rainbow pom pom one!

    1. Yeah, I know what you mean, I keep going 'ohhh I like that...oh wait...I've already pinned'. I'm glad you like what I have on my Pinterest, I know right how cool is it? I think there's a D.I.Y on how to make a Strawberry shaped pom pom!!!! I need to make it!


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