Home Sweet Home, NQ Manchester

Today's post will be me expressing my love for one of my favourite places to eat in Manchester.
Home Sweet Home has been providing Manchester with tasty, homemade classic American dishes since the year of 2011. The menu reads a long list of ultimate comfort foods! You'll find them located on the corner of Edge Street in the Northern Quarter (my favourite part of Manchester) and in The Great Northern Warehouse just of Deansgate.

I have to thank my friend Roisin for taking me to Home Sweet Home back in  2012, that feels just last week, how is it four years ago already? I remember my first meal there was Caesar salad and it was a damn good salad! Yes, there is such thing as a tasty salad when it's made by the lovelies at Home Sweet Home.

The interior of Home Sweet Home ticks all the right boxes for me, one of the main reasons I love it so much! The quirky decor makes it all the more enjoyable to visit, with mismatch chairs, wooden tables & floors, prints & art framed on the walls & stain glassed lamp shades. As if it couldn't get any better, try going in December during the Christmas period the atmosphere couldn't get any more cosy and homely!

My current favourite dish is the chicken in a basket; pieces of fried chicken with fries, coleslaw and barbecue sauce! I definitely need to get my hands on one of their mugs with the Home Sweet Home logo on it! I also must check out their newly opened cafe in The Great Northern Warehouse.

Here are a few photographs I've taken from my visits of the past 4 years

So, when you're next in Manchester City Centre don't forget to pop in even if it's just for some tea and cake.

Check out their website homesweethomenq.com  

Do you have any favourite places to eat in Manchester?

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2016 New Years Resolutions

It's that time of year again where I make New Years resolutions that I don't stick to, maybe this year will be the year that I do. Who am I kidding?

My new years resolutions will probably be similar to last years, that's how successful I was.

- Draw everyday - even if it's a quick sketch
- Carry on doing exercising every day - When I can be bothered I do enjoy it. I don't think I'm quite ready to head to the gym though haha.
- Be nicer - you can never be too nice
- Blog more - The amount I've posted this year is poor
- Care less about what people think - this is a tough one for me because I care far too much about what others think
- Read more books - I really like reading when I finally find time!
- Learn how to play my ukulele - I have a terrible memory but, I really want to be able to play it properly.
-  Wear whatever I want - similar to caring less about what people think. Life is too short to wear the usual black skinny jeans & a t-shirt!
- Stop putting myself down - I am the worst when it comes to putting myself & my work down
- Be more confident
- Take more photos - especially with my film & my Lomo Instant camera
- Do another Memory Walk for the Alzheimer's Society - I'd love to raise more money for the charity & hopefully go on to do more things other than just the walk in time.
- Get a job - Leaving uni this year will be daunting but, I hope to get a job & save for exciting things in the future
- Sell my illustrations and possibly other things I create
- Be happy & positive - I have become a bit of Negative Nancy these days which isn't fun!
- Look after myself

What are your New Year Resolutions?

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2015 in a Nutshell

Does anybody else think that this year went in the blink of an eye? To me it feels like it was my birthday just the other day, even though it was in March. 
I'm definitely glad to be saying good bye to 2015, if you've been reading my blog posts over the past year you'll understand.

My year involved:
- having my bedroom redecorated
- the loss of my dear Grandad 
- Turning 21, scary stuff!!!!
- Going for a brief trip to London with my Boyfriend & going to the Alexander McQueen exhibition 
- Going to Durham for the first time with my family to see the Yves Saint Laurent exhibition 
- Going in to my last year of University
- Speaking in front of a group of people on my own twice, a big thing for me!
- Taking part in a my first Charity walk/run, raising money for the Alzheimers society in memory of my Grandad 
- Getting my hair cut to shoulder length
- Seeing the Computers at the Deaf Institute 
- Having one of my illustrations picked for book-plates in books being donated to Children In hospital
- Watching the new Star Wars film

I hope 2015 treated you well and that the year to come is your best one yet!

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It's Christmassssss!

Well, my favourite time of year is over *cries* and now were in those last couple of days of December where you feel slightly lost & don't know what to do!

Christmas saw me doing the usual watching Christmas films in pyjamas eating too much food! I watched the Classics; Home Alone, Elf, Santa Clause, Jingle All The Way & The Holiday, of course. I love Christmas for many reasons but, the Christmas food has to be up there as one of the main reasons! Christmas is the one time of the year where nobody questions how much food you scoff or why you're eating chocolate for breakfast. I also get to eat my Dad's roast potatoes with my Christmas day roast, I challenge anybody to find better roasts than my Dad's! 

I had a quiet Christmas day spent spending time with my family, seeing my Grandma & my boyfriend, listening to Sixties music, drawing and watching plenty of tv. I am very grateful for all the lovely gifts that my family, my boyfriend & his family have given me over the festive period.

I will be sad to see all the pretty lights and decorations being taken down in the next week, I love how festive everywhere looks at this time of year, another reason why I love Christmas so much!

I hope you had a lovely time over Christmas!

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