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Hello lovelies, I'm back again! Sorry for not posting very often at the moment I'm still very busy working on commissioned Christmas portraits, designing a CD cover and setting up my online shop. 

Since I last posted on here, I have been to the Christmas markets in Manchester which put me in a festive mood after seeing all the pretty lights 

I have been tagged by the lovely Vanessa to complete the Christmas Tag, so here we go!

1. Whats you favourite Christmas movie?
Ahh this sounds terrible but, I love lots of them and don't actually have a favourite.

2. What are your favourite Christmas colours?
My answer has to be the same as Vanessa's, it's all about the gold and red for me!

3. So you stay in your PJ's or dress up for Christmas?
I stay in my pyjamas til the latest 12 in the afternoon because I often get new clothes at Christmas so I can't wait to try them on. 

4. If you could buy one person a Christmas present, who would it be?
ohh I can't choose that!

5. Do you open your presents Christmas eve or Christmas morning?
Me and my sister open one present at midnight on Christmas eve and then the rest on Christmas day. We haven't always done that, it's something we've been doing for the past 3 years or so.

6. Have you ever built a ginger bread house?

I did build one once, quite a few years ago now but, it was definitely interesting.

7. What do you like to do on your Christmas break?

I like to go the Christmas markets, watch lots of Christmas films and read Harry Potter. Reading Harry Potter makes me feel super cosy at this time of year (this may sound strange). 

8. Any Christmas wishes?
That my parents stay awake longer than 5 minutes after eating our christmas roast.

9. Favourite Christmas smells?
It has to be that festive spice smell.
Every year my mum buys pot pourri that she puts out on the dining table which is full of dried orange slices, sticks of cinnamon, pine cones and berries which smells of festive spices. This year my mum got a diffuser with the same smell. Oh I also love the smell of hot chocolate too!

10. Favourite Christmas meal or treat?
Oh gosh I loveeee the roast potatoes my Dad makes, those covered in gravy are the dream. Anything chocolatey is a must at this time of year! 

As I'm pretty sure all the bloggers I speak to have already been tagged, I tag anybody reading this to complete the tag (if you have a blog of course).

Thank you for reading! 
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Vintage Inspired Party Shoes

Hello lovelies, I hope you're all well! I haven't posted in a week mainly because I'm in the process of setting up my own online shop to sell prints of my drawings which takes up quite a bit of time. 
Today though I have a post all about Vintage Inspired Party Shoes, yet again mainly 60's & 70's inspired. Whilst I was creating my last post on Jazzy Boots Perfect For The Festive Season I saw so many amazing heels when I was looking at the online clothes shops. So I thought I would share my finds with you lovelies! Once again I have featured shoes that are under £100 because for my budget that's a realistic amount to pay.
Honestly, River Island is the place to go to for all your party shoe needs!

1. Gold Crocodile Effect Strappy Block Heel Shoes for £45
I'm a massive fan of these shoes! I don't know what it is in particular, I think it's a combination of the colour and the style of the heel. I like that there are two straps.  

2. Embroidered Floral Platforms from Topshop for £34
These shoes aren't very glitzy but, the floral embroidery would definitely add something to your outfit! The style of the shoes are platforms so they would add a touch of vintage to whatever you are wearing.

3. Sadly I can no longer find this on the River Island website so, I have a feeling that they have all sold out.
I loved the jewel details on those shoes, they made them look expensive.

4. Gold Textured Block Heeled Sandals from River Island for £30
There is just something about these heels that makes me think of 70's disco, if that makes any sense...(probably not). I'm huge fan of the style of the heel, which is the same as the Black Embroidered Heels (no.6). 

5. Glitter heeled shoes from New Look for £24.99
Now these are definitely the most festive heels of the lot, with the metallic colour (silver) and the cheeky glittery heel. They make me think of Twiggy at Christmas because of the Mary Jane style to them, very Sitxties!

6. Black Embroidered Oriental block heel sandal from River Island for £48
These Oriental inspired embroidered heels are so nice and I think are very unique looking. They would look nice with a midi skirt and a turtle neck.

7. Velvet Block Heeled Shoes from New Look on ASOS for £24.99
I had to get a bit of velvet in somewhere didn't I? I like the addition of the single strap because I find when I wear any shoes without straps that they fall off the back of my feet, plus I think it makes the shoes look even cuter.

8. Metallic Strappy Mary Jane Shoes from River Island for £35
If you want quite a party shoe that has a bit of glitter these would be perfect for you, in the images on the website they seem to be quite subtly sparkly. They also look like they are a nice height especially for people who aren't very confident walking in heels. Also, the glitter heeled shoes from New Look (no.5) that would would be perfect for that too.

My next post will be all about my winter fashion essentials, I might even include a quick drawing

Thank you for reading!
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