Memory Walk for Alzheimer's Society

So, just over 3 weeks ago I did my Memory walk in Heaton Park to raise money and awareness for the Alzheimer's Society
As you may or may not know, I lost my Grandad back in March of this year. When he was alive he showed many symptoms of Dementia but, was never officially diagnosed. Not long after the passing of my Grandad I watched a three part programme called Dementia. Whilst I was lying in bed awake that night I thought ' I want to do something to help but, what?' And that's when I discovered the Memory Walk on the Alzheimer's Society website, seconds later I was registered to take part in the Manchester Memory Walk.

After, speaking to my family about taking part, my mum, dad and sister decided they would also take part in the walk. On the run up to the Memory Walk my mum and I had spoken to people that work for the press of Alzheimer's Society, sharing our story with them. Our story about my Grandad's struggle with Dementia was featured in a couple of Newspapers to help raise awareness. My mum was also brave enough to have a short interview on the radio.

Together we raised over £360 for the Alaheimer's Society!

Here's me, my mum and sister at the start line with the lovely Colin who cared for his wife who had Dementia and also cut the ribbon.
It's not the clearest photo but, can you spot me on left wearing the bright pink trainers looking slightly confused?
(photo belongs to itv/granada news)

The day was lovely and it was heart warming seeing so many people up and out on Saturday morning to raise money and awareness. I actually did quite well walking wise managing to stay up with the first 10 (20 at times), although I did manage to trip up and land in a load of mud causing it to swell a little (wow I'm super clumsy).  

Here are a few photos I took on my walk

I can't wait to do it all again next year! Hopefully I will get chance to take more pictures the second way round.

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My New Obsession-Villoid

Recently, I have been obsessed with an app called Villoid, what is Villoid you ask? Well, it's a fashion app that lets you create mood boards of potential outfits whilst getting inspiration from other lovely Villoid users (this includes some well known fashion lovelies too). You want to buy your outfit? No problem, Villoid has a shopping function so your dream outfit can become a reality. The app has been described as 'your own personal dressing up box'. 

I came across Villoid when I saw Alexa Chung announce on Instagram that she had been one half of the co-founding team with Jeanette Dyhre Kvisvik to create the app. So, of course with Alexa on board I had to try it out. 

I love the social element of the app where you are able to follow other Villoid users and you can comment on the boards that they've created. It's like Instagram with clothes that you can buy but, you can't buy some ones cat on Instagram. You can browse through clothes by various designers such as Mui Mui, ASOS, Alexa Chung for AG, Chloe, Dahlia, just to name a few. If you an item you have used in a board you created goes on sale you will get a cheeky notification letting you know. It's times like that when I wish I wasn't a poor uni student so I could buy everything.

Can some body please create a job where you get paid to make boards on Villoid all day? Please let that be a real thing one day!

Here are a few boards that I have made, the ones I've featured in the post are inspired by the film characters style or the actresses themselves.


Let me know what you think of my boards and if you have Villoid, I will definitely follow.

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