Dear Santa...

Dear Santa...

So I thought I would make a list of things I wouldn't mind getting for Christmas. Yes, yes I know "what, why haven't you got Alexa Chung's book" my only excuse is that I'm a poor student. I really like the wine coloured fedora, here's hoping I actually suit a hat for once (damn you, pea sized head). The Andrea Garland lip balm ring is just amazing! I love my current Daily Journal by Frankie Magazine so another one for next year would be great!Anything Benefit would appreciated (as I have never owned anything Benefit). Oh and of course I wouldn't be Katie without my bright red lipstick.

What do you think of my wishlist?
What's on your wishlist?


These Boots Are Made For Walking

Sorry, I haven't blogged in FOREVER, I have been very busy with Uni work recently and being a first year I wanted to keep on top of everything from the straight off. I have missed blogging though as I enjoy chatting on about things that I like and that inspire me. Hopefully I will be able to blog more often soon.

Anyway, enough of that I thought I wanted to make a special post about my new boots that my mum very kindly bought me a couple of months ago now. I am just a little bit in love with them! When I first saw them I wasn't sure whether they would suit me as a) I have teeny tiny ankles and the top of the boots are quite wide  and b) I used to just wear converses ALL the time so the thought of get big girl shoes scared me slightly. But, I'm glad that I tried something different for once.

I love the colour of them so much, it's like a red wine colour. They are like a cross breed between Chelsea boots and brogues. 

      Miss KG - were £70 at the time, now £49

(There is a filter on this photo, they are slightly darker in real life)

What do you all think about them?


Mid Summer Blogger Meet - Look Fantastic, all Sole, My Bag

First off I want to apologise for me taking a while to get round to blogging about this or well anything at all for that matter.
So, last Thursday I attended my first ever bloggers event with the lovely Beckie - Flores Y Moda. The event was held at the Walrus Canteen and Lounge. On arrival we were greeted with a free drink token which I got a cheeky bit of Rose wine with. Me and Beckie went on to look around at all the little stands set up in the room and chat to a few fellow bloggers. Burt's Bees, Nails Inc., the Cambridge Satchel Company were amongst a few brands that were at the event. We ventured over to the Benefit stand where we were shown their new blusher called the Rockateur which I got to try out and I found it really suited really highlighting my cheek bonesWe then decided to take a seat at the demonstration area where spent a lot of our time at. 

The first demonstration we saw was by SHOW beauty which aims to give people glamorous hairstyles and maintain them easily with their products. We were shown how to get some really nice curly locks with the use of some rollers and their products. See for your self how well the results turned out:
I loved how natural they turned out looking and how simple it seemed to create the look.

The Next Demonstration was showing a new product from L'Oreal the Steam Pod which uses as you may have guessed steam to give your hair a super sleek look whether you want straight or curly hair. It uses water to create the steam just like an iron does this also means it won't damage your hair like normal straighteners do! We were shown how to create both straight and curly hairstyles. Anybody wanting Jennifer Aniston straight hair then you need this in your life! 

The lovely ladies from Benefit went on to show us all how to master contouring highlighting and how to finish that off with their products. I loved this demonstration because I'd never really considered contouring my face until I saw what a difference it makes to how you look and found it interesting learning how to do so. It's like doing a painting on your face really hehe. 


Moroccan Oil showed us how to get voluminous waves with their products featuring their hair spray. Their hair spray is light and still keeps your hair feeling soft but still holds your hairstyle perfectly which is something I really liked about it because I hate the texture of my hair after I use normal hair sprays. It was great how you can brush your hair into many different styles yet the spray will still hold. I was also lucky enough to be handed some small bottles of the extra volume Shampoo and Conditioner to hopefully give my hair some much needed oomph!

The last demonstration came from Australian hair company Evo with their quirky named products who believe honesty is really the best policy. Their model had platinum blonde hair before the event until the lovely Evo people were let loose on her and applied Evo Fabuloso Colour Intensifying Conditioner in Copper to her hair. The colour intensifying conditioner tints the hair and takes three to four minutes to show. I'd love to try the Fabuloso products in the future!

Oh and I'm a little bit in love with these bags!!!! - Grafea
At the end of the night we received an amazing goody bag full of some fab products. This goody bag has to be the best I have ever had even the ones with cake in and I lurrrrvvvveee cake!

What I enjoyed the most about the night was the demonstrations and learning a lot more about hair and beauty.
I'd like to thank all the people who involved for creating such a great event, that's the organisers and all the brands that were there on the night and brands who contributed to our goody bags.

Look out for my upcoming reviews on the treats from my goody bag!

The photographs used in my post are either off Look Fantastic's facebook page or their instgram apart from the second to last photo which is my own



D.I.Y Ring Holder

Camera users ever wondered what to do with your empty film canisters? Well here's what I do with mine!

You will need:

  • Film canisters
  • Craft tape
  • oh and rings of course!

It's so simple just get your empty film canisters and use bits & pieces to jazz it up abit like I did with a bit of cute gingham craft tape.

    I know it's not exactly a pretty way to store your rings but to me it does the job and it's a cheap idea.

(Sorry once again for the poor quality photos)

So what do you think of my D.I.Y Ring Holder?


I am ever so sorry

Dear readers,
I am ever do sorry for not blogging enough. I am currently preparing things for going to university, which means a trip IKEA yayyyyy! I also have a few illustrations that I need to complete for people, I'll probably post a few of them when I get some time. I hope to share with you a some blog posts soon including a feature about Scratch It monthly mani box and my new love for the clothing company Sister Jane. 

Have an old photo of me as an apology for being a bad blogger

love from 


Take 2!

{Dress - Topshop // Shoes -ASOS // Jacket - ASOS // Bag - H&M}

This is yet another of my favourite dresses mainly because of it's colour (red is my favourite colour) and the lovely mesh panels. Oh and I can't forget my ever so faithful brown H&M satchel which goes with pretty much anything. Unfortunately, my camera is producing very poor quality photos at the moment and I don't know why, which is really annoying. I had a bit of  a Marilyn Monroe moment when the wind got to my dress (something I've noticed happens to me quite often than not). 

Also, sorry about the lack in posts at the moment with doing an illustration for a film review website to a funeral to getting stuff sorted for university to my grandma having a knee replacement operation, so my mind has been a tad all over the place really. Hopefully, I can now get my act together and start churning the posts out for you all.

What do you all think of my outfit? 

{I'd like to thank my lovely boyfriend for taking these photos for me}


Hobby - Photography

Photography is a hobby that I like to dabble in every now and then. I'm not saying I'm in anyway good at photography I just enjoy taking photos it's such an easy way to document memories which is good for me as I have a terrible memory. Most of these are took either on my iphone or on a poor quality camera so don't judge too much.


What do you think of my photos? What are your hobbies?


My First Outfit Post!

{Paisley Collared Shift Dress-Urban Outfitters // Chuck Taylor All Star Trainers-Converse  //  Rounded Sunglasses - Next}                                                                                               
 So here it is my first ever outfit post eek! I thought that seen as though it's my first outfit post I'd wear my Paisley Collared Shift Dress which I adore. What's great about this dress is it's an all year round wear; It's light material makes it perfect for this warm weather but, can easily be worn with a long sleeved top or blouse underneath it and some nice woolly tights for those wintery days. If I had the money I would probably add a black floppy fedora to give the outfit a more 60's/70's feel.

    I would like to thank my lovely boyfriend for taking these photos


July's Wishlist

So here is a selection of items off my July Wishlist

{From left to right} Sleeveless Tennis dress -  £40 @ Urban Outfitters // Tank dress in Floral -£42 @ Urban Outfitters // Sleeveless Tennis dress - £40 @ Urban Outfitters //  Paisley Jacquard Dress with Keyhole Collar - £68 @ Dahlia 

I love the floral tank dress because of the sixties feel it has. Oh and the pink paisley dress is perfection in my eyes. The tennis dresses look nice and lightweight which is needed for this warm weather.

{From left to right} Katherine Jumpsuit - £38 @ Motel // Floral Cut Out Playsuit - £50 @ Topshop //  Molly Jumpsuit - £45 @ Motel (unfortunately sold out)
All of these would look great formal or casual and I love the pattern of the middle jumpsuit. I'm not normally a fan of jumpsuits but, these are lovely.
{From left to right} Hearts & Bows White Galong Crop Top - £15 @ Ark // Hearts & Bows Cream Harden Paisley Burn Out Crop Top - £13 @ Ark // Cotton Circle Crop Shirt - £32 @ Topshop // Cropped Shirt with Collar - £45 @ The White Pepper
I love crochet effect of the left hand top which would go with anything really. A Paisley crop top? YES, what's not to like? I think the two crop shirts are perfect to create a casual formal look on these unusually hot summer days & evenings.

Desperately need to make some money so I can afford anything off this list.


Eye, eye

Here are a few items of clothing that I currently have my eye on:
Pop boutique-£30 // ASOS-£60 // ASOS-£25

What I like about the first dress is how it looks nice and smart but, looks light enough for a summer's evening out. The smock dress in the middle gives a boho, hippie feel and would be perfect for festival wear teamed with some wellies and a floral headband/crown. Last but not least is a Bowie graphic print t-shirt dress with cut-away shoulders, what's not to like? 

I wish I could own all three of them, a girl can dream right?


Win a blog design

Is your blog in need of some tlc? Are you bored of the way your blog looks? or are you a newbie to the whole blogging thing?

If any of those apply to you like me enter etailPR's giveaway! They are offering to the lucky winner a free web design courtesy of etailPR's web development team.  
All you need to do is enter using the Rafflecopter app on the link below and you need to be signed up to etailPR Blogger Network

To enter click on the link http://etailpr.blogspot.co.uk/2013/05/win-blog-designlayout-from-etailpr.html

I'd love to win it, I think it would get my blog nice and organised ready for me to get my teeth into it properly
*fingers crossed*


Doolally about Dahlia!

Here are six of my favourite items of clothes from Dahlia's website:

I need to own at least one of these items of clothing. They are all lovely looking simple designs and would be easy to style. All dresses/pinafores could be teamed with a shirt/long sleeved top for those not so Summery days. If I had the money I would buy these Doc Marten shoes to wear with any of the above  but, due to lack of funds I will have to stick to my scruffy Converses.

A huge fan of Dahlia at the moment 

What do you think of Dahlia's clothes?


Seeing red

I love this dress my boyfriend bought me last year, I wish it would warm up so I can wear it again.
I'd style it with the below accessories:
necklace - RocknRose // ring - RocknRose // bag - Topshop // floral crown headband - RocknRose

 I think the floral crown headband would go perfectly with my dress accompanied by the other accessories.
I must buy some thing from RocknRose (my new love).

Review of 23 Jewellery bracelet


*Knotted bracelet - 23 Jewellery 

I was recently sent this lovely knotted bracelet from 23 Jewellery. 23 Jewellery create beautifully handmade, personalised and encoded bracelets. You are able to choose from whether you have multiple coloured cords knotted together to create a bracelet like mine, woven one like this, or a simple leather cord or a double-up bracelet.
When it arrived I opened to see it very nicely presented in a little organza bag also containing a code card so you can read your encoded message. I could tell as soon as I looked at it that the bracelet will last forever instead of breaking like others like this do and that it's of a high quality.
What I love about the bracelet is that fact it is adjustable, I have very skinny wrists so most bracelets slip right off me but, not in this case! Being adjustable is very practical as I do art so I don't have it dangling in paint and what not.
This product is an alround quality product and a great price!
How the encoded message works; your choice of message is encoded into Morse code using
beads(silver, gold, bronze, gunmetal).

(photo from 23 Jewellery's website)

The encoded message idea is great! I like the idea of you being the only person who knows what it means. I chose to have the number day my family & boyfriend's birthdays and the number day we started going out which I thought would be nice.
I think these bracelets would make perfect gifts; for bride from groom with the date of their wedding encoded on it, best friend encoded for friends forever or simply with your name on for a relative, friend or lover. Or just buy one for your self with your initials encoded, your birthday or even the name of your favourite person.
Another product from the website is their anklet which I must invest in because a good sturdy anklet is always hard to come by, I find.

Check out their new website http://23jewellery.com/
For a chance to win a bracelet of your choice head over to https://www.facebook.com/23Jewellery
Follow them on Twitter too. Watch out for an outfit post featuring my bracelet soon.
What do you think of the bracelets from 23 jewellery?

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