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Here I am with another wishlist to share with you, I might do a series of wishlists but, I'm not sure yet. For once the clothes on my wishlist are not 90 % black, crazy I know! I'm still yet to buy an item of my dreams from Zara due to lack of funds being a student and all.

So, I had a quick browse on Zara the other night and these are my favourite picks
The pleated collar on the light denim blouse is really nice and would go well worn under a pinafore. I really like the cropped style of the mustard coloured top and the frills give a nice shape to it. I'm a huge fan of the wildflower print on the white (they do it in black but I was trying not to pick black for once). Ohh talking about black, I thought there was something lovely about the low cut back of the black white striped top. Also, the boat neckline of the top reminded me of some of the clothes Audrey Hepburn wore.
I think anyone that wears eyeliner will love the t-shirt with the slogan 'Look Me In The Eyeliner And Say That' on it and it looks like a great lazy day top (you know what I mean). I must have been feeling a bit mustard crazy when I was looking on Zara the other day, with me also picking out an A-line skirt in the exact same shade as the crop top above. You can't beat a good white blouse that goes perfectly with any jazzy skirt you own, I especially love the lace detail of this one from Zara. I'm big fan of one of the current shoe trends; the square toe ankle boots that are very Sixties esque. 

What's on your current clothes wishlist?

Thanks for reading!
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