New Bedroom Wishlist

Back in January my lovely Dad kindly decorated my bedroom, new wallpaper, new carpet, the lot! I was a little sad to see my floral wallpaper, pink and lavender paint colour scheme (that I've had since I was probably 15 years old) go. On the upside my bedroom makeover also consisted of getting a new bed, woop woop! This was definitely a big deal for a girl who's had the same bed since the age of 4 (yes, 4 years old, you did hear that right). So, of course I had to pop to my favourite place for all things home wear/furniture related...IKEA in order to get my new bed. After, much umming and erring I decided on an oak look bed with under bed storage called MALM, the drawers on the sides of the bed are prefect for me, somebody who has lots of bits and bobs (pieces of art I've made, big folders and things that just have no place). So another big change was the wall paper, which I'm in love with! It's basically a collage of vintage postcards from destinations such as Paris, London, India and New York on a wallpaper.

This is just a small section of the wallpaper.

I am slowly getting all my bits and pieces back in my room but, I still need to buy items like storage, photo frames and wall art etc. So, here is my wishlist that I have gathered from various websites.
1. Audrey Hepburn Wall art - B&Q // 2. White Ceramic box - H&M // 3. Ornate Scroll Cutwork photo frame - M&S // 4. Light Pink Ceramic box - H&M // 5. C'est La Vie! cushion - H&M // 6. White Lantern - H&M // 7. Bird Heart photo frame - M&S // 8. Metal Wire basket - H&M // 9. Marilyn Monroe Wall art - B&Q

I have a decent space on one of my bedroom's wall which I want to turn in to a photo wall gallery (you know the Pinterest kind) so I thought the Audrey and Marilyn photos would be perfect for that. I'm loving the cute little ceramic boxes in this wishlist, definitely need so I hopefully will stop losing all my bobby pins, seriously where do they all go? How nice are both of the photo frames which I will put family photos in, I love how the white frame looks like branches joining to form a heart with birds perched on the top. The metal wire basket would be used to put my hair dryer and straighteners in, I may get an actual box with a lid for them instead as I don't like the wires of my hair dryer etc being on show as I think they look messy (but hey that's just me).  The monochrome cushion with the line 'C'est la Vie!' would go nicely in my room as my wallpaper is quite colourful and it wouldn't clash with all the colours and I think the line 'that's life' is something I should listen to, as I worry far too much! I think the white lantern is so cute with the cut out details.

10. Grid photo frame - Urban Outfitters // 11. Ornate Bronze mirror - Urban Outfitters // 12. Paris Souvenirs wall art - B&Q // 13. Cream Floral drawers - George Asda // 14. Dachshund letter organiser - ModCloth // 15. Memo board - Urban Outfitters // 16. Stay Wild Framed wall art - Urban Outfitters // 17. Vintage four Aperture photo frame - George Asda // 18. Lavender in a Jug - George Asda

With the grid photo frame I would be able to make a collage of photos that bring back happy memories to have on my wall, it would be a very organised collage (having a Monica moment, Friends fans will understand, hopefully). How beautiful is the ornate mirror? The three pieces of Parisian inspired wall art would work so well with my bedroom wall paper. I think these little set of drawers are cute for putting bits and bobs in, I love the floral detail! My sausage dog obsession has extended to wanting a letter organiser just because it's in a sausage dog shape!! A memo is always needed for me, the girl with a memory like a gold fish. I really like how the 'Stay Wild' motif is made out of grass and flowers, it would give a love fresh summery feel to my room. I'm a big fan of the Vintage four aperture photo frame that looks like its been roughly painted cream to give the impression the paint has worn away with age for a vintage look, it's a must for my wall gallery. Yet again, the thing that makes me like the Lavender in a jug is the vintage aesthetics and also the fact the lavender is fake so I won't be able to kill it in a week (woop, woop!).

I will do a follow up post of what my bedroom looks like once I've finished adding little details.

K x  


  1. I can't even pick a favourites here, they're all lovely pieces. You're making me want to redecorate! Love the wall paper too, I hope you share some pictures once it's finished!


    1. Thank you lovely, I'm glad you like all the pieces! I will definitely do a blog post on it when it's all finished! :-) K x

  2. Love the ceramic box and bronze mirror! You've picked some beautiful items :)
    I can't wait to move so I can decorate, I'm already planning my colour schemes :P

    The Everyday Life of Rachel

    1. ah me too, aren't they lovely? I'm glad you think so! :) Good luck moving and I hope you have fun decorating!

  3. I've been reading your blog posts for quite a while now and I totally fell in love with your blog! *~* I like the way you write and the topics :) Very interesting! Kepp uo the great work, I'm a fan! xoxo Ana


    1. This was such a lovely comment, it made me smile! I'm so glad you like my blog :) xx


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