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Getting affordable, fashionable clothes is always tough. If that's what you you're looking for Ark is the answers to your fashion prayers.
Ark and it's brands supply some beautiful clothes.

Here are are a few of my favourites from their online shop:

Black Peterpan dress - Oh My Love - £38.99 //  Cream Fish Kill Lace crop top - Hearts & Bows// Mid wash Andalusia Skater skirt - Hearts & Bows - £16.99 // Black Canfield Chiffon crop top - Hearts & Bows - £15.99 // Grey Rosaline T-shirt Skater dress - Ark - £15

The black Peter Pan dress is such a simple yet very effective design. I love the detail on both of these crop tops. The t-shirt dress looks lovely and light, perfect for the summer! 

Black Della Bodycon Dress- AX Paris - £17.99 // Orange & White Judith Tie Dye Skater dress - Ark - £14.99 // Burgundy Ciara Turtle Necked Crop top - Ark - £7.99 // Black Idaho Falls Dungaree shorts - Hearts & Bows - £24.99

The shape of the sheer mesh panels on the bodycon dress creates a perfect silhouette, framing the models curves. What I like about the tie dye dress is the fact I feel like I've never seen a dress like it before. I love everything about the crop top, the colour, the shape and style. I think I may be in love with the dungaree shorts, I need them in my life! Perfect for both day and night outfits.

Navy Isabelle Midi skirt - Ark -£8.99 // Cream Canfield Chiffon Crop top - Hearts & Bows - £15.99 // White & Green 90's Striped Midi skirt - Vintage - £19.99 // Navy Odessa Pinafore dress - Hearts & Bows - £26.99

The midi skirt creates lovely curves and would be great for any evening outfit. Just showing again my love for Hearts & Bows crop tops. The white and green on the midi skirt really compliment each other and I also like the length/cut of this skirt. I've seen quite a few pinafore dresses recently but this is by far my favourite! I could imagine wearing this with crop tops, blouses and long sleeved tops on chilly days.

Gold Lion Face necklace - Ark - £9.99 // Silver Peace Sign necklace - Ark - £11.99 // Silver Heart Locket necklace - Ark - £12.99 (outside and inside photos)

The golden lion face necklace reminds me of my house door knocker, which is why I love this particular necklace. The reason why I like the peace necklace is the fact it looks like the sign has been made with branches. The silver heart locket is beautifully detailed, would go well with anything especially with a nice day dress and is also a watch!
Tortoise Metal Rim Wayfarer sunglasses - Ark - £4.99 // Light Wash Denim Levis shorts - Ark - £19.99 // Black Daisy bag - Ark - £19.99 // White & Black 90's Peace shorts - Motel - £21

The first thing I like about these tortoise wayfarer sunglasses is the price! £4.99? Cheap as chips! Such a bargain and stylish with it. My other top find are the Levis shorts. I have some Levis shorts but, they no longer fit, so I'm now a happy bunny! I think the light wash denim looks great and the shorts go with anything  too. The black daisy bag could be teamed with any evening outfit. And the studs will add a rocky feel to an outfit. As you know I like the peace sign hence me wanting a pair of shorts covered in them.

I can't wait see future clothes that they will be selling. I hope after seeing this post more people will shop at Ark, I feel that not enough people know about the shop. Shop online at Ark NOW! http://www.ark.co.uk/ 

All I need to do now is get a job so I can buy the things on my Ark wanted list. I really wish I had the money to buy an outfit and do a review post. Sucks not having a job :-( 

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