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*Knotted bracelet - 23 Jewellery 

I was recently sent this lovely knotted bracelet from 23 Jewellery. 23 Jewellery create beautifully handmade, personalised and encoded bracelets. You are able to choose from whether you have multiple coloured cords knotted together to create a bracelet like mine, woven one like this, or a simple leather cord or a double-up bracelet.
When it arrived I opened to see it very nicely presented in a little organza bag also containing a code card so you can read your encoded message. I could tell as soon as I looked at it that the bracelet will last forever instead of breaking like others like this do and that it's of a high quality.
What I love about the bracelet is that fact it is adjustable, I have very skinny wrists so most bracelets slip right off me but, not in this case! Being adjustable is very practical as I do art so I don't have it dangling in paint and what not.
This product is an alround quality product and a great price!
How the encoded message works; your choice of message is encoded into Morse code using
beads(silver, gold, bronze, gunmetal).

(photo from 23 Jewellery's website)

The encoded message idea is great! I like the idea of you being the only person who knows what it means. I chose to have the number day my family & boyfriend's birthdays and the number day we started going out which I thought would be nice.
I think these bracelets would make perfect gifts; for bride from groom with the date of their wedding encoded on it, best friend encoded for friends forever or simply with your name on for a relative, friend or lover. Or just buy one for your self with your initials encoded, your birthday or even the name of your favourite person.
Another product from the website is their anklet which I must invest in because a good sturdy anklet is always hard to come by, I find.

Check out their new website http://23jewellery.com/
For a chance to win a bracelet of your choice head over to https://www.facebook.com/23Jewellery
Follow them on Twitter too. Watch out for an outfit post featuring my bracelet soon.
What do you think of the bracelets from 23 jewellery?

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