Take 2!

{Dress - Topshop // Shoes -ASOS // Jacket - ASOS // Bag - H&M}

This is yet another of my favourite dresses mainly because of it's colour (red is my favourite colour) and the lovely mesh panels. Oh and I can't forget my ever so faithful brown H&M satchel which goes with pretty much anything. Unfortunately, my camera is producing very poor quality photos at the moment and I don't know why, which is really annoying. I had a bit of  a Marilyn Monroe moment when the wind got to my dress (something I've noticed happens to me quite often than not). 

Also, sorry about the lack in posts at the moment with doing an illustration for a film review website to a funeral to getting stuff sorted for university to my grandma having a knee replacement operation, so my mind has been a tad all over the place really. Hopefully, I can now get my act together and start churning the posts out for you all.

What do you all think of my outfit? 

{I'd like to thank my lovely boyfriend for taking these photos for me}


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