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So I recently popped into my local Asda Living and of course I had to browse the home section, which may sound unusual when I don't actually have my own house. But, for a while now I have been interested in interior design and home accessories.
So I decided to share with you my current favourite home accessories from George Asda.
First things first how adorable is that fox door stop??? The wooden box would be perfect to for keepsakes like photos and tickets from gigs. The glass jar with a candle can be popped in the middle of your dining table or now the weather is so nice, why not put it in the garden to light your way. As you may or may not know I love the sixties era and I think the mint green alarm clock is a nice example of sixties interior design.

I fell in love with the three canisters mainly because of their vintage feel and how nice and bright they are. The two scallop patterned  mugs are as cheap as chips (a bargain) at just £1 each! I had to include the Star Wars cup didn't I! *nerd alert* How nice are the purple floral print cup & saucer and plate? 

When I have my own house I would like my bathroom to have a nautical/beach theme to it with shells and pebbles, a few striped items and maybe the odd miniature beach hut. As you can tell I'm a big fan of yellow at the moment! :-) 

All of their home accessories are a great price with the most expensive item on my favourite list being the set of scales at £24. 

Do you have a favourite from the above items that I picked out?

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