The British Tag

 1.How many cups of tea do you drink a day and how many sugars?
Well I let the whole British drinking tea stereotype down here as I don't drink tea at all. Neither do I drink coffee but, give me a hot chocolate any day. Bring on Autumn for plenty of cups of hot chocolate!

2. Favourite part of your roast?
It has to be the roast potatoes, especially when my dad's making it. My other favourite is peas, I love peas okay? I don't have roast dinners very often at home so I'm definitely dreaming of my Christmas roast dinner already. 

3. Favourite dunking biscuit?
I don't really dunk biscuits but, if I had to I'd choose chocolate digestives because imagine all that melted chocolate loveliness. I do however, love a good custard cream! 

4. Favourite quintessentially British past time?
Picnics, I haven't been for one in years but, I have happy childhood memories of having a few picnics. My other favourite is definitely getting fit to burst with have a big Sunday lunch. I also enjoy being cuddled up with my boyfriend, wrapped in a duvet watching something on Netflix whilst you can hear the sound of the British rain hitting my bedroom window. 

5. Favourite word?
Pebble! I do have a favourite saying that my Dad uses that is 'genie mac' which you use like 'genie mac that's expensive!' 

6. Cockney rhyming slang?
Pass me the dog and bone! I never use Cockney rhyming slang though, I'm too Northern for that.

7. Favourite sweet?
Strawberry Bon Bons are my favourites but, as a child and now (when I can find them) I loved Candy Sticks. Does anybody remember them? I used to pretend they were cigarettes and I would hold them between my fingers like they were the real deal because I was a badass child, obviously...

 8. What would your pub be called?
Something really random like the Mad Ferret, I don't really know aha 

 9. No.1 British person? 
I don't have just one favourite so, I'll just rattle off a list of the top ones; David Attenborough, Martin Freeman, Benedict Cumberbatch, Sir Ian McKellen and Sir Patrick Stewart.

 10. Favourite shop/restaurant?
I'll give you three favourite shops; Topshop, Lush and Boots. I don't really have a favourite restaurant but, I do love all the cute independent cafe/restaurants in the Northern Quareter (Manchester).

11. What British song pops into your head?
S Club 7 songs! There ain't no party like an S Club partayyy! I was obsessed by them as a child; I saw them live twice, had all there albums, I had a t-shirt with a clear pocket on the front to insert the photo of your favourite member in, I watched the S Club tv programme religiously and oh I had pink feather trimmed cow boy hat that I bought when they were touring. 

 12. Marmite? 
No thank you! Isn't the colour enough to put you off? Any lovers of Marmite fancy this?


  1. My mouth watered when I saw the Marmite Vaseline, I didn't realise I liked it that much. Candy sticks.. Uh so good, it was hard to resist the cigarette action. I love this post!

    Grace x

    1. aha it's crazy isn't it?
      The cigarette action definitely made them last longer! aw thank you, I'm glad you like my post!
      Thank you for commenting!

  2. Replies
    1. aw thank you so much! I'm glad you like it!


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