What's on my iTunes?

Today, I thought I would share with you a bit of a different, more personal post by telling you a bit about my taste in music and the top artists on my iTunes. The artists featured in this post give me some hope for future modern music.

Five favourite Artists and songs at the moment:

HAIM - Who doesn't want to be part of the sister trio? They have to be the coolest girl groups to ever exist, with their groovy moves and leather jackets! Flying the flag for guitar playing females as well, making me wish I had the patience to learn how to play the guitar. Starting out playing music at an early being a part of their family band Rockinhaim. Now they have their own band and have been compared at times to Fleetwood Mac, with R'n'B and 1970's sounds. I remember dancing about slightly tipsy to them playing on Jools Holland Annual Hootenanny on New Years eve. I actually don't have just a single favourite, I have a few; Wire, Falling and If I could Change Your Mind.

The music video for their song Falling 
p.s I love this video a lot!

Brody Dalle - Never heard of her? It's only Josh Homme's wife, Josh Homme of Queen of the Stone Age that is. Brody was first brought to my attention by my boyfriend who is a fan of  Josh Homme's music. My favourite song of hers is Don't Mess With Me, it definitely would perfect for a 'Motivational Music' playlist, for the day's when you feel determined to show the world that you can do anything when you put your mind to it. I would say this is a very strong album especially for a solo artist.
If you like punk rock or girl power, go and give Brody Dalle's music a listen. I know this is off topic but, how cool would it be to have Josh and Brody as your parents?

Here's the video for my favourite song of her's, Don't Mess With Me

Drowners - Taking their name from one of Seude's singles, Drowners are an Indie Rock band based in New York. The album Drowners reflects a definite influence from the Smiths, their song Unzip Your Harrington being a perfect example of that. A Button On Your Blouse has to be my absolute favourite of there's due to it's summer feel, a great way to start the day. You may recognise the guy on the inside left of the photo to be Matt Hitt featured occasionally on Alexa Chungs instagram.  

Video for A Button On Your Blouse

The Computers - I will only be happy when I have maroon suits like there's! I must thank my boyfriend for getting me into these in the first place. I would say the early Computers sound is like if you took rock 'n' roll and put it in a blender with punk to get some sort of punk 'n' roll milkshake...(where on Earth am I going with this??) I'm too excited to see them live in November, finally! With influences like Buddy Holly, Elvis Costello, Jerry Lee Lewis, Motown music what's not to like? My favourite songs by The Computers are Disco Sucks, C.R.U.E.L and Mr Saturday Night.

The video for Disco Sucks

George Ezra - My favourite song is Budapest from his new album Wanted on Voyage.  I have a serious case of guitar envy when it comes to his guitar. Ezra is often compared to Jake Bugg, with his unique and soulful voice. It's nice to see some Alternative music finding it's way into the top 40 charts, for those who aren't Directioners and Beliebers(cringing even typing those words). Through out his album you will be able to hear the clear influences of Blues and Folk music. Even my dad likes George Ezra's music who can be very particular when it comes to music.

This is the video for Budapest 

Tickets I've bought recently: Well I didn't buy them, my mum bought me tickets to see Vance Joy for my birthday. Vance Joy aka James Keogh is a Australian singer-song writer who uses a Ukulele to create his music. Riptide is definitely his best song, in my eyes anyway! 

 Guilty pleasure song of the moment: Taylor Swift - Shake It
Sorry but, it's sassy and fabulous!

Who are your favourite artists at the moment?
Did you give any of my favourite artists a listen?If so what did you think?


  1. You have a really good taste! I like HAIM and Brody Dalle (and I know what you mean about that guilty pleasure hahaha) but I didn't know the rest and I like them all!
    I don't know if you know them or if you are gonna like them but take a look at this group I like: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Jade8OIy67M&list=UUQ5w3fSomzziZfO7neK7eAg =)

    1. Aw thank you very much! It's always nice to find someone with a mutual taste in music! aha it's far too catchy! I'm glad you like the rest!
      Ohh I've never heard of them but, I do like them after giving them a listen, thanks for the recommendation! :)

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