Where Have I Been?

Once again I've been gone for quite a while due to University deadlines, but, I'm back home for Christmas so I can blog to my hearts content! If you didn't know I'm studying illustration at university, I've just completed two projects; A self promotion project (creating a website, business cards and an personal promotional item) and I also made five Artist's books. Mine was named 'Big Hair', as the theme was iconic hair from the big screen. 

Here's some of the work I've done recently:

 I created this piece of embroidery to use as my logo for the self promotion project
I also made badges with my work on as part of my self promotion project.

I drew the lovely What Olivia Did in my spare time.

As you may be able to tell by my work, I love the Sixties!

When I head back to University in January I will be working on a Picture Book (a book for ages 2 - 6), which I will be illustrating AND writing.
I'm definitely looking forward to trying to make my own Picture Book. 


  1. Your work is beautiful! The badges are amazing x

    The Modern Audrey

    1. aw thank you so much lovely! I'm glad you like them, I hope to sell a few soon :) x


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