Hair Dilemmas and Inspiration

I've recently become more and more bored of my hair, not knowing whether to get it cut or not. I always think about getting it about armpit length going on towards end of shoulder blade length but, I always put it off. My top two excuses are number one, what if I don't suit it? and number two, yeah but, if I get it cut shorter I won't be able do much with it. "Katie, that second excuse is a load rubbish seen as though all you do with it now is wear it down, straight or (if you really can't be bothered that day) up in a pony tail and sometimes a bun."

Back in January I had my hair dyed brown from a funky looking blonde colour! I had quite bright blonde highlights in my naturally dark blonde hair (even though I still think it was light brown), at the time I liked it but, over time it got lighter which I didn't think suited me at all. I also had a fringe cut in last summer however, it lasted all of half an hour before I brushed it to the side.

This is what my hair looked like when it was blonde:

Andddd this is the colour and length of it at the moment (unfortunately, it's a dodgy mirror photo of me, it was to show off my new jazzy skirt):
I'm really pleased with my hair colour at the moment but, it definitely needs a new cut because it's a bit limp and lifeless these days (I sound like I'm on an advert for a new volumising hair product). Being as indecisive as I am I went to endlessly browse the internet for hair inspiration.  
As you can probably tell from my hair inspiration images, I am a big fan of middle parted fringes (what I call 'Curtain' fringes). I think middle parted fringes give you something to work with if your not ready for the FULL fringe dedication and always look flattering on the face. I've had one a couple of times but, over time and being too busy to go home to get it cut it's grown out. Alexa Chung was always going to be a obvious inspiration to me, especially due to my love for her style (who am I kidding, just her in general). In fact, I'm loving all these lovely ladies hair styles, I think they have to be the best hairstyle each one of them have had over the years! I also really like the whole messy curls/waves look a the moment.
I'll definitely be asking my hair dresser for a decent amount to be cut off the length and to bring back the middle parted fringe.

To be continued...with photos of my hair cut!!!
K x

Are you planning on getting your hair cut soon? 

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