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I feel like this blog post may just sound like my other blog post named General Insecurities and Blogging from a few months ago but here goes. 

I'm a big over thinker and recently I've been doing a lot of thinking, mainly about my blog and what the hell I'm going to do after uni.

The question 'What are you going to do after uni?' is definitely a question I dread people asking me and I've been asked far too many times for my liking. Of course I would love to go on to do illustration after my University course but, I don't think I'm good enough to successfully have that as my job. If you know where they are handing out confidence please let me know haha

I would love to mix my illustrations with my blog, which would consist of having my own illustrated blog header, drawn out outfits of the week and maybe illustrated tutorials. However, that won't be for some time yet as I'm busy with uni for the next three months or so. Posting more often is something I really want to do but, at the moment I'm concentrating.

Another, thing that's holding me back with my blog is my self doubting, I'm always questioning 'will anybody even read this?' because I'm literally the most boring person ever! 

I'll probably delete this because it basically just me rambling about having no confidence.

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