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Hello lovelies, I'm hopefully going to get  back in to posting on my blog. At the moment I'm struggling even more with feeling negative about what I do or what I've achieved (or what I've not) and comparing myself to others. But, enough of that for one post!
 Blog post wise I'm still working on sorting the design and layout of it. I'm also trying to get my head round the likes of SEO and the such. 
I would love to do some outfit posts but, I'm still trying to pluck up some courage to do so! Confidence is the main thing that holds me back however, so does my lack of a decent camera! I would use my iPhone like I have in the past but, then I start comparing myself to other well established bloggers and the professional photographs that look they have been taken for a fashion campaign. Doing this has definitely put me off doing outfit posts in the posts. I may just start doing it just for the fun and try not to care so much about how professional looking they are.

I've started jotting down ideas of possible blog post ideas, so these are my up coming blog posts

- My current favourite bloggers
- Reviews on recent make up and beauty buys
- Interviews with my favourite bloggers (hopefully)
- Recent home wear bits for my bedroom
- My daily make-up routine 
- My favourite recent clothing buys
- Programmes/box sets that I watched whilst at uni
- Starting up my Etsy shop
- Trying out Pinterest hair styles and make up tutorials
- A tour of my room and my favourite parts of it

I want my blog to be a truthful blog, I wont be pretending that I'm a fashion or beauty expert because I'm far from both. You've definitely come to the wrong blog if you're looking for beautiful photographs or tales of holidays after holidays. But, I will be honest and truthful with what I'm writing. 

Thank you for reading!
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