Hey remember me?

Remember back in June when I was all like 'heyyy I'm back, I'll post more'? Yeah, that clearly didn't happen! What have I been up to? 
Well, the biggest thing that's happened is definitely graduating from University, yes I survived the three years some how! I had a lovely day it went in the blink in of the eye even though I was up at six in the morning to get ready. To say I was nervous would be an understatement, I wasn't made for going on stage in front of hundreds of people or having my photo taken. A couple of weeks after graduation my sister turned 16!! What's that all about? Pretty sure she's still 11 in my head when really she's nearly as tall as me and a woman in Asda mistakes us for twins, I have a baby face, okay!

1. That first photograph is me on the day of my graduation, I love that dress so much! I was in the car for an hour and because the fabric it was made from easily creased I had to practically lie down in car on the way to graduation

2&3 Illustration wise since finishing Uni I've been doing portraits I fancied doing and I'm currently working on my first commission, which is both exciting and scary at the same time! I'm also, preparing to opening my etsy shop back up where I will be selling prints and tote bags with my illustrated designs on them. I'll possibly do a separate post all about that soon.

4. So the other week I made a trip to Manchester for a browse in my usual places and I was lucky enough to return back with a POP! Vinyl figure of one of my favourite characters from Star Wars: The Force Awakens, all thanks to my far too kind boyfriend! My collection of the figures are slowly growing, there's something about them that I love. I now have eyes on the Friends figures, Chandler you will be mine!

1. That first photo was just me trying out that golden butterfly crown filter on Snapchat, why does everyone else looks like goddesses when they use it and I still look about twelve years old?
2. The other week I saw this cute caterpillar, my dad saved it as it was casually crawling along our drive and it may not have ended well. But, look at the pattern on it's body, ohh jazzy!
3. Oh pretty cactus you may be thinking, well turns out those flowers are fake! Since when was it a thing to pop fake flowers on cacti? Definitely not happy with that, the other one I had was even worse you could actually see a big blob of glue!!
4. Last week I finally got round to framing my David Bowie portrait and added a spacey/nebula background. I also have a few postcards of Twiggy, the Beatles, Jean Shrimpton and other cool fashionable icons that Tom (my boyfriend) bought me which I plan to put on my bedroom wall.

Since moving back home after finishing my course at University my room has been a complete mess and it is currently an on going job. Fitting three years worth of stuff is proving to be quite a struggle, it's getting there but very slowly! 

Hopefully I will getting typing more blog posts soon!
Thank you for reading
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