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Hello lovelies, I hope you are all doing well!
I'm not quite sure the point of this post really, I just saw quite a few pieces of swimwear and wanted to share my favourites with you. Fun fact I've never worn a bikini in my adult life mainly because I haven't been on holiday since 2009. I guess if you're lucky enough to be going on holiday soon you might see some pieces that you might like.

As you might be able to tell from this post I love a good pattern and ruffles when it comes to swimwear.

 I'm a big fan of all of these swimsuits especially the buttercup yellow square neckline piece from Topshop, the rust colour (I love it so much) ruffled piece from ASOS and the gingham piece with the tie front & cut out detail from Forever 21. But, if I had an endless supply of money I would definitely buy them all! 

Definitely way out of any budget I would have but, there is something about the Topshop Tommy Hilfiger bikini that I like, the triangle/halter neck top is such an interesting style. I also love the ruffles (of course), stripes (of course) and the addition of the red Tommy logo. I really like the red striped SUPER high leg and high waisted bikini bottoms from ASOS and it looks like everyone else is as they are sold out at the moment. The bottoms are definitely eighties/nineties inspired obvious with  how high leg and waisted they are! the black and white polka dot bikini with ruffle straps from Forever 21 is another favourite of mine too, I like how it's slightly different with a square neckline!
I thought I would include a few high waisted bikini bottoms aswell because I find that they look very flattering and are perfect for any one who is a bit body conscious like myself.

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