Mid Summer Blogger Meet - Look Fantastic, all Sole, My Bag

First off I want to apologise for me taking a while to get round to blogging about this or well anything at all for that matter.
So, last Thursday I attended my first ever bloggers event with the lovely Beckie - Flores Y Moda. The event was held at the Walrus Canteen and Lounge. On arrival we were greeted with a free drink token which I got a cheeky bit of Rose wine with. Me and Beckie went on to look around at all the little stands set up in the room and chat to a few fellow bloggers. Burt's Bees, Nails Inc., the Cambridge Satchel Company were amongst a few brands that were at the event. We ventured over to the Benefit stand where we were shown their new blusher called the Rockateur which I got to try out and I found it really suited really highlighting my cheek bonesWe then decided to take a seat at the demonstration area where spent a lot of our time at. 

The first demonstration we saw was by SHOW beauty which aims to give people glamorous hairstyles and maintain them easily with their products. We were shown how to get some really nice curly locks with the use of some rollers and their products. See for your self how well the results turned out:
I loved how natural they turned out looking and how simple it seemed to create the look.

The Next Demonstration was showing a new product from L'Oreal the Steam Pod which uses as you may have guessed steam to give your hair a super sleek look whether you want straight or curly hair. It uses water to create the steam just like an iron does this also means it won't damage your hair like normal straighteners do! We were shown how to create both straight and curly hairstyles. Anybody wanting Jennifer Aniston straight hair then you need this in your life! 

The lovely ladies from Benefit went on to show us all how to master contouring highlighting and how to finish that off with their products. I loved this demonstration because I'd never really considered contouring my face until I saw what a difference it makes to how you look and found it interesting learning how to do so. It's like doing a painting on your face really hehe. 


Moroccan Oil showed us how to get voluminous waves with their products featuring their hair spray. Their hair spray is light and still keeps your hair feeling soft but still holds your hairstyle perfectly which is something I really liked about it because I hate the texture of my hair after I use normal hair sprays. It was great how you can brush your hair into many different styles yet the spray will still hold. I was also lucky enough to be handed some small bottles of the extra volume Shampoo and Conditioner to hopefully give my hair some much needed oomph!

The last demonstration came from Australian hair company Evo with their quirky named products who believe honesty is really the best policy. Their model had platinum blonde hair before the event until the lovely Evo people were let loose on her and applied Evo Fabuloso Colour Intensifying Conditioner in Copper to her hair. The colour intensifying conditioner tints the hair and takes three to four minutes to show. I'd love to try the Fabuloso products in the future!

Oh and I'm a little bit in love with these bags!!!! - Grafea
At the end of the night we received an amazing goody bag full of some fab products. This goody bag has to be the best I have ever had even the ones with cake in and I lurrrrvvvveee cake!

What I enjoyed the most about the night was the demonstrations and learning a lot more about hair and beauty.
I'd like to thank all the people who involved for creating such a great event, that's the organisers and all the brands that were there on the night and brands who contributed to our goody bags.

Look out for my upcoming reviews on the treats from my goody bag!

The photographs used in my post are either off Look Fantastic's facebook page or their instgram apart from the second to last photo which is my own


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  1. sounds like such an amazing event! I would have loved to have gone to learn about benefit - contouring x


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