Topshop loves the 70's

As you may or may not know the Sixties has to be my favourite decade ever especially for fashion and it's icons. But, the Seventies is a close second especially after seeing Topshops clothes for this coming season inspired by the era. Here are my top picks from Topshops website:

1. Well I obviously picked this paisley dress for the main reason, that it's paisley. I like the shirt style this dress is in. It would look lovely with some Chelsea boots.
2. This A-line mini skirt would be a perfect staple for your wardrobe, great for if you want a vintage look but, you don't want to go too out there. 
3. I love the colours of this top, definitely got a 70's feel to it. Teaming this top with a pair of flare jeans and some junky heels would be a funky outfit (yes, I do use the word 'funky' in real life conversations).
4. Normally I don't like animal prints because they tend to look tacky (to me) but, there's some thing about this skirt that I love. I'd definitely wear it with a black turtle neck jumper tucked into it.  
5. I would call this the Ashton Kutcher in the 70's Show t-shirt.
6. Basically if the 70's was a hat it would be this hat!
7. My favourite thing about this top is the scalloped edging and the off the shoulder style. It would go so well with a pair of denim flairs.
8. I love the colour scheme; burgundy and red (my favourite colours by the way). The dress looks like it would be super flattering on the figure.
9. ohhh myyyy wear do I start with this dress, I'm in love. I love it that much I did a drawing of the beautiful Cara Delevingne sporting the dress on Topshops website. The print of the dress is just perfect!
10. You have to have a pair of flares when you're trying to rock the 70's look! The cut of these flares look so flattering. I would definitely invest in some of these if I thought I could pull them off.
11. These platform heels have such a retro feel to them and could easily go with any of the other items for a more of an evening look.
12. I love the splash of colour on the collar of this monochrome striped top and I love a good striped top.

Are you loving the comeback of the 70's or not? What are your favourite items?

I hope you enjoyed this blog post and hopefully it wasn't toooo long.

Katie x


  1. I love all of these number 9 especially! I actually really like number 4 aswell. I'm so glad that this is in fashion. I bought some vintage 70s stuff a while back so at least I can dig them out now


    1. Isn't it nice? Such a nice print! Yeah, I normally love all things 60's but, all these 70's pieces are so nice!


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