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So, I thought I'd get a bit lovey dovey by writing a Valentines post. I found myself browsing Not On The High Street as I often do, I swear if browsing the in the internet was a degree I'd get a 1st every time! They have a large variety of gifts; personalised gifts, jewellery for both men and women, chocolatey goodness, gifts for your memories and generally lovely unique presents.
Below are a few of my favourite valentines gifts featured on NOTHS, I hope you like them as much as I do!
I went for a price range that wasn't too pricey either because lets be realistic I'm a student where food is the only thing I can just about afford.

1.    I love the print that says 'Here You Are Adored' which would be perfect to hang up in your bedroom, the inky handwriting style of the print gives it such a lovely personal feel.

2.    Who doesn't like cake? So why not treat someone special or your self, because you're damn great! How great is this, you don't even have to know how to make a cake, you just need to add water and pop it in the oven then, ta da! For more cakes in a tin head over to the Food Ministry's page on NOTHS.

3.     Being so beautifully handmade this had be a favourite of mine, the My Perfect Match necklace can come in the cross form or can alternatively be just a single match. I think this cute necklace would be a nice touch to a Valentines day outfit.

4.     Now as a Friends fan I got very excited about this gift, 'He's her Lobster!' as Pheobe says. A Lobster shaped biscuit presented nicely in a box with words 'You Are My Lobster' on the lid, I'm sorry but, that is just the greatest. If you're not a huge Friends like I am then why not check out the rest of Eat My Cake London's fab biscuits, like the Valentine Pug biscuit.

5.     Tell me that this isn't one of the cutest ideas ever. It's a mini photo in a bottle, get your favourite photo of you and your loved one or a personal message suspended from the top of the bottle leaving it floating. This is such a nice, original way of displaying a favourite photograph or have a line of the bottles showing off photos of a special day. 

6.     I love stationary, so these cute pencils with compliments had to make their way into my favourites. These pencils would make me smile every time I used them. The fact they are pastel colours makes them look even nicer.

7.     Yes, they are love heart shaped balloons that you see before you! I actually would love one, I'd even buy myself one I like them that much aha. They are sold buy Postbox Party who put together parcels filled with items of your choice to create a perfect party. Selling the likes of love heart sparklers, love hearts and arrows cupcake kit, you and me trivia and a romantic treasure hunt kit, they really have thought of everything. I also found these balloons (see link) where you get to put a personal message inside the balloon and the recipient has to pop it to read it (well duh how else would they get it Katie?). You get to choose the colour of the balloon, ribbons, shredding (this in the box it is sent in) oh and the sequins! Yes, you get sequins in the balloon ready to fly every where went it is popped. 

8.    The Damn Handsome Beard Kit may not be the most romantic of presents to give your boyfriend but, it would be a perfect present for mine who's had his beard for the majority of the three years that we've been going out. It comes with a really cool comb in the shape of a moustache, beard oil, moustache wax and moustache scissors, all fitting nicely in to a pocket sized tin. The beard oil is moisturising, cleansing, soothing for the skin and conditions the hair follicles. Your boyfriend doesn't need to worry about smelling like a tarts hand bag with this mildly spiced masculine smelling oil. Perfect for people with beards who travel.

9.    This is another gift which made me think of my boyfriend Tom due to his liking for pies. Little short crust pastry pork pies each one with a letter on to spell out Pie Love You. This such a fun alternative to the usual box of chocolates.

What did you think of my favourite Valentines Day gift ideas?
What's the best or worst gift you have ever received for Valentines?

*I promise this is not sponsored post for Not On The High Street*  


  1. Ohh all of these would make lovely gifts for Valentine's Day! ^ ^


    1. I'm glad you think so, I thought they were a nice change from flowers and chocolates (not that there's anything wrong with them) :-)


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