For the love of Valentino - Part 1 - Space

I saw these dresses on the internet a couple of months ago and thought they were beautiful and magical looking, so I thought I would share them with you all in a post. A big fan of the fact navy is used as the main colour through out the space themed pieces. They are definitely works of art! If only I could afford just one piece from the collection...

British Designer Celia Birtwell and Italian pop artist Giosetta Fioroni teamed up to bring this stunning Valentino collection to life. 

I love shirt dress on the right, matching go go boots and bag, so 60's I had to love it.
I would totally wear this and the dress above (left) if I had an awards ceremony to go to, I can dream right?

These space inspired dresses aren't the only pieces in the Pre-Fall 2015 collection but, they are my favourites. I shall be doing another post with my other favourite none space related pieces.

What do you think of the dresses?

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