Losing My Biggest Fan

Unfortunately, on Saturday I lost my biggest fan (my grandad) and I have no words to describe just how I feel right now. I sort of feel lost, like someone's tipped my world upside down. I'm struggling to accept that I'm never going to see him again, talk about all sorts with him and laugh & joke with him. I fondly remember how his whole face would light up when I came to see him whilst back home from university. Also, how much he loved my drawings that I'd show him. For the past couple of days I have woken up hoping it was a horrible dream or something.I was meant to see him on Monday and for the first time in over a month and I never got to. So many things remind me of him and I have so many cherished memories of him but, nothing makes me feel better right now. However, I am super lucky to have great friends and family who are here for me and help me at the moment. 

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