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Note: By writing this I'm not saying I'm the only one who has every had insecurities or anything like that. I just wanted to get stuff off my chest.

Don't insecurities and anxieties suck? I'd love to be one of those people where; I'm not super awkward when meeting people due to worrying whether the person will find me annoying or hate me, doing a presentation in front of more than one person isn't a big no no and  even a small thing that turns into a huge thing for me, like having my photograph taken was easy peasy.

I do have 'selfies' (as the hip kids call them) but, that doesn't bother me as much as having my photograph taken by somebody else, I guess because I have control of deleting 100's of photos until I'm remotely near being comfortable with a photo. Also, I can play about with the angle of the camera till I'm happy that my double chin is tucked away and not saying hi.

My insecurities about the way I look especially I believe are down to constantly being called Ugly by a boy in my high school. No matter how many times someone calls me pretty it still doesn't cancel out the negativity. I think that's why I love complimenting people because I like knowing I've made somebody feel good about themselves. 

When it comes to Uni I'm forever second guessing the illustrations I create which means it takes forever for me too finish pieces of work and even when I do I doubt whether it's good enough. Since being off for Summer I feel that I have gained more confidence in my work whilst experimenting with collage. Hopefully with more confidence I will create stronger and stronger illustrations.

Blogging wise I'd love to do outfit posts to show my personal style but, I always care too much about the way I look in the photos. Over thinking whether my faces look okay to be unleashed on the public eye and trying not to include it in photos if I'm having a bad day etc. Another thing that holds my blog back is me questioning whether

I want to have more faith in my self to succeed instead of forever thinking that my efforts will be good enough. Also, to stop comparing myself to others I see as being pretty or successful because let's face that's not going to my insecurities one bit!

Do you have any advice for me when it comes to confidence, insecurities and anxieties? 
I'd love to hear any advice you have

Thanks for reading, 
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