I Love Making Lists

With my third and final year of Uni is fastly approaching (scary times) I thought I would do a list of things I want to start doing/improving on in hope of feeling better health wise and happiness wise. Some may take longer and be more difficult to do than others.

1. Start a mini note book filled with illustrators that inspire me and inspirational quotes
I think it would be nice idea to just keep in my bag to flick through when I'm having illustrators block.
2. Be more positive
I promise I will cut down on complaining, promise.
3. Go for a walk at least once a day 
I'm the worst for sitting inside all day
4. Find a way to de-stress or become less anxious 
maybe try getting properly into yoga and reading regularly 
5. Have more confidence in myself and stop over thinking
I'm the biggest self doubter and now I'm getting to the stage where I think that well used phrase 'Life's To Short'.
6. Start going to the gym
I would like to try going at least once a week to start out but, do daily exercises using YouTube videos and such 
7. Stop comparing myself to others 
I'm the worst at this, which definitely has an impact on what I think about my work!  
8. Draw every day
Even if it's just a super quick drawing
9. Drink more water!
Drinking 8 glasses of water a day can't be that difficult, right?
10. Work hard on developing my illustration style
Experiment with different materials and use a sketch book better & daily.
11. Look after my skin
Washing my face with water and using cleanser probably isn't enough & could be the reason why I have the skin of a 13 year old.
12. Blog more!
This means blogging on here more regularly instead of once a month (if that) and also using my illustration to document the progress of my work (at least once a week).

                   The illustrations featured in this post are by illustrator Marc Johns, so feel free to check more of his work out.

Thank you for reading 
Love from

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