2016 New Years Resolutions

It's that time of year again where I make New Years resolutions that I don't stick to, maybe this year will be the year that I do. Who am I kidding?

My new years resolutions will probably be similar to last years, that's how successful I was.

- Draw everyday - even if it's a quick sketch
- Carry on doing exercising every day - When I can be bothered I do enjoy it. I don't think I'm quite ready to head to the gym though haha.
- Be nicer - you can never be too nice
- Blog more - The amount I've posted this year is poor
- Care less about what people think - this is a tough one for me because I care far too much about what others think
- Read more books - I really like reading when I finally find time!
- Learn how to play my ukulele - I have a terrible memory but, I really want to be able to play it properly.
-  Wear whatever I want - similar to caring less about what people think. Life is too short to wear the usual black skinny jeans & a t-shirt!
- Stop putting myself down - I am the worst when it comes to putting myself & my work down
- Be more confident
- Take more photos - especially with my film & my Lomo Instant camera
- Do another Memory Walk for the Alzheimer's Society - I'd love to raise more money for the charity & hopefully go on to do more things other than just the walk in time.
- Get a job - Leaving uni this year will be daunting but, I hope to get a job & save for exciting things in the future
- Sell my illustrations and possibly other things I create
- Be happy & positive - I have become a bit of Negative Nancy these days which isn't fun!
- Look after myself

What are your New Year Resolutions?

Thanks for reading
with love 

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