It's Christmassssss!

Well, my favourite time of year is over *cries* and now were in those last couple of days of December where you feel slightly lost & don't know what to do!

Christmas saw me doing the usual watching Christmas films in pyjamas eating too much food! I watched the Classics; Home Alone, Elf, Santa Clause, Jingle All The Way & The Holiday, of course. I love Christmas for many reasons but, the Christmas food has to be up there as one of the main reasons! Christmas is the one time of the year where nobody questions how much food you scoff or why you're eating chocolate for breakfast. I also get to eat my Dad's roast potatoes with my Christmas day roast, I challenge anybody to find better roasts than my Dad's! 

I had a quiet Christmas day spent spending time with my family, seeing my Grandma & my boyfriend, listening to Sixties music, drawing and watching plenty of tv. I am very grateful for all the lovely gifts that my family, my boyfriend & his family have given me over the festive period.

I will be sad to see all the pretty lights and decorations being taken down in the next week, I love how festive everywhere looks at this time of year, another reason why I love Christmas so much!

I hope you had a lovely time over Christmas!

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