Lush Halloween/Autumn Wish List

Ahh I'm so happy it's finally come (well it had when I started this post) , Autumn is here which makes me one happy bunny. You may not know but Autumn is one of my favourite seasons with Winter along side it. With Halloween fast approaching (literally less than a week away) I thought I should get this posted!

I have to make a confession, please make sure you are seated before reading the rest of this. I, Katie Marie Lennon, I have never had a Lush bath or a Lush shower for that matter. Yes, you don't need to re-read that sentence, you read correctly, it's not that I've not wanted to have a "Lush bath" believe me, I just have dodgy skin.
To cut a long story short for a few years now I have had super sensitive skin mainly on my legs so I've not been able to enjoy a bath comfortably for a while. Basically if I had bath or a shower my legs would itch non stop during and a good three quarters of an hour after. But, (touch wood) it's been quite a bit better recently. 

After all that rambling here is my current Lush Autumn Wish List (I hope you appreciate my Autumnal coloured type I have used) 

Fist up, the Sparkly Pumpkin Bubble Bar its a golden orange glittery pumpkin need I say any more to explain why I want it?
With it containing cocoa butter Boo Bath Melt seems like a cute (yes I called a bath melt cute) way to keep your skin hydrated, great for this cold time of year. 
I've seen quite a few videos of the Autumn Leaf bath bomb in motion in peoples baths and the swirls of orange, red and green that it creates look so autumnal. 
So before doing this post I went to read about each product and oh my goodness the video on the page for Monsters' Ball Bath Bomb , the colours are so beautiful! It looks like it puts on a show fizzing out into pink, purple and blue bubbles and then turning your bath into a deep blue lagoon. If that wasn't good enough it also helps to moisturize your skin. 
The scent that Lush describes the Pumpkin Bath Bomb of having sounds like the perfect Autumn scent, orange and the ultimate Autumn spice Cinnamon  (I hope that sentence made some sort of sense).

Do you have any of the Halloween Lush products? What are your favourites?

Thank you for reading!
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