My To Do List for November

Hello lovelies, today I'm going to share my To Do List for November with you, it's more of a general list of things I would like to have achieved by the end of the month than a super in depth day by day to do list.  

- Started to learn the ukulele, I have wanted to do this
- Finally sort out printing my illustrations ready to sell
- Start selling my prints on my Etsy shop - if I'm successful in my printing quest 
- Start exercising again (it's been a while)
- Decide on what colour and how I want my hair cutting
- Book my own appointment for my hair (yes, I panic when it comes to most interactions with other human beings)
- Have a conversation with at least one blogger - I'm far too scared to talk to people so this could be interesting!
- Get my head round SEO and other blog related things because I haven't the foggiest at the moment
- Do review of a beauty product probably a lip product
- Plan out my zine (mini magazine/booklet) ideas; A-Z of the Sixties & Bad Ass Women through out history
- Make a start on the illustrations for my first zine
- Finally sort out my room, so it no longer looks like I've just moved back home from uni (I did but back in June)
- Continue to be productive

I thought I'd do this short blog post as I'm currently working on a list of my current Favourite Bloggers and a Jazzy Boots Wishlist, which is taking me a bit of time with putting together images and such. I hope to have both of those up this week!

Thank you for reading!
Love from

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