2017 New Years Resolutions/Goals

Hello lovelies, it's that time of year again where I and many others set themselves New Year Resolutions in hope that they can stick to at least one by the end of February.

Before I tell you all about my New Years Resolutions for 2017 let's look back a year to the ones I made for 2016 which you can check out here 2016 New Year Resolutions . If I'm being honest I really didn't achieve any of my goals, although I did graduate/survive University which I'm still surprised by. 
But, hey 2017 is a new year and I'm more determined than ever to get things done and stop putting things off!

Personal Goals

- Believe in myself (even if it's just a little).
this is a biggy and one that I've been struggling with for many years. It would nice to make steps towards less self doubt even if they are just baby steps.
- Drink more water
- Exercise at least three times a week 
Not to lose wait really, just to tone up and so I actually might have more strength than a new born baby.
- Read more books
I would love to read more books this year (four or five) especially some classics. You're probably thinking four or five??? that's nothing! But, I'm such a slow reader probably the slowest. I'm hoping the more I do it the quicker I get, hopefully!
- Keep up with a daily beauty routine 
especially one that will help reduce my large pores. WARNING: Beauty Gurus do not read on... My routine used to just consist of taking make up off with Micellar Water and that was that and maybe a bit of moisturizer if I was really pushing the boat out! But, now I'm a new woman after my mum so kindly bought me three Clarins products for Christmas. I can't wait to see if they make any changes to my skin, I might do a blog post about them and their effects on my skin (especially my T-zone).
- Take more photographs 
because it's always nice to be able to look back on moments & I really didn't take many photos in 2016.
- Buy prints for my room 
I had my bedroom decorated back in early 2015 and I still haven't got my 'gallery' wall up, just my lonely Audrey Hepburn print. I would love to purchase some artist prints (supporting small businesses) and a few of the lovely Vogue prints my boyfriend bought me from Manchester Art Gallery.
- Start to learn my ukulele (finally) 
and be able to play at least one of the songs my list of ones I want to learn. 

Illustration/Online shop Goals

- Open my little online shop 
selling prints of my illustrations, so far I will be selling Twiggy, Audrey Hepburn and Frida Kahlo prints but, I plan to create more illustrations and get them printed for sale too.
- Start taking portrait commissions 
I did a couple at Christmas time and my customers loved them which made me so happy.
- Make plans for my zines/mini magazines 
I hope to make a zine in the future called the A-Z of the Sixties which would be such a fun personal project for me as I love the Sixties for all things music, fashion and interior design.
- Reach 300 followers on my illustration Instagram page 
this isn't a goal more of something that would be nice if it happened.

Blogging Goals

- Post regularly (at least three times a week).
- Continue talking to lovely bloggers 
because they're are lots of really nice people part of the blogging community. Some of who have been super supportive towards me, my blog and my soon to be open online shop.
- Post my first Beauty post
not that I know much at all (if anything) about beauty but, it's something I'm interested in.
- Host a blogger chat
I think it would be fun and it would be nice to speak to more fellow bloggers.
- Pluck up the courage to post another Outfit post
Sometimes you just need to do something that scares you slightly.
- Maybe change up my blog design 
If I'm feeling super daring maybe even design it myself.
- Reach 1000 follower on Bloglovin
again it isn't a goal more something I hope happens (if that makes any sense).

Credits for quotes/typography in blog post image

She Believed She Could So She Did Print by Old English Company
You are Never too Old to Set Another Goal or Dream Another Dream by C.S Lewis 
(sadly I can't find the original source of the typography) I did see it on Pinterest
Don't Lose Your Fire - Unfortunately I can't find out anything about it this quote also, found on Pinterest

I hope 2017 treats you well and that you achieve all the goals you hope to complete.
Thank you for reading!
Love from


  1. Reading more is one of my goals too! I'm sure you'll achieve everything you want to, I can't wait to see what illustrations you do next! X

    1. I really like reading but, technology and drawing forever distracts me! I'm definitely going to make an effort to read more this year! Aww I'm glad you can't , I'm so excited to do more illustrations in 2017! x

  2. I love how you've set aside goals for a range of things. Personally I would love to get in shape this year, but I've had a bit of a bad start with a sprained foot haha! There always tomorrow :) x


    1. oh yeah there are always different aspects of my life that I think I can improve in some way! ahh me too! Oh gosh, I hope it gets better soon lovely! :) x


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