Saying Goodbye To January

Hello lovelies, after a long break from blogging I am back, a lot has happened since I last posted on my little blog.
January generally has a bad name for itself being the month everyone goes back to work and school after the festive period. But, I have a new disliking for it with my grandma passing away only two weeks into the month. I know everyone and their dog has said that it felt like January went on forever but, I'm definitely not exaggerating when I say it really did to me. 

I miss my grandma so much, the thing I struggle with the most is not being able to tell her things when I want to. I just felt like my life was starting (if that makes sense) especially, with my Etsy shop I'm just getting it going really. She was a huge part of my life as well as my grandad so I find it so difficult adjusting to life without them. I know with time it will get a little easier and I am so thankful of 23 years that I had with my grandparents. I will never forget memories of spending summer holidays and after school with my grandparents.

I have so many fond memories of both of them:
- when me and my Grandma were chased around a lake by ducks when we ran out of bread to feed them.
- the time when I was about 7 or 8 and I was a firm believer in fairies so my Grandma wrote these beautiful letters that were supposed to have been from a fairy that would visit my Grandmas house.
- once when we ended up on a dinosaur ride at Blackpool which terrified me and I then spent the entire ride hiding behind my Grandma
-just simple day to day things like going to do the Morrison's food shop 
- many holidays to York, a place called Ribby Hall and Northumberland
- when my Grandad said ' I like you because you act the goat' 
*if you don't know act the goat means being silly or daft*
- decorating my grandparents house for Christmas with my sister
- celebrating birthdays and christmas with both of them was the best & it will never feel the same.

If you've read this and you have grandparents please go and visit them or if you can't give them a call! You'd be surprised how much that can make their day!

Thank you so much for reading!
love from

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