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Hello lovely, I'm starting back with my blogging with a bit of a quick post answering the questions on this Gilmore Girls tag (I'm a little bit obsessed, okay?). I have got combined a few of the questions from a couple of different Gilmore Girls tags.

-What was your first introduction to Gilmore Girls?
November 2016, I saw everyone talking about the arrival of the revival (I'm a poet and I didn't know it) so I was like what's this 'Gilmore Girls people are going on about?' to which I googled it and thought hey I'll give it a watch! So with me often home alone towards the end of last year I found myself watching hours of it each day. 

-Who is your favourite character and why? 
Lorelei because she basically makes the whole show.

-Are you on Team Jess, Dean or Logan? Why? 
ahh you're starting something here but, I have to go with Jess every time!
What I like about Jess is he was the one who pushed Rory the most to aim high and had the most common interests with. Even years later when they weren't going out he still managed to get Rory thinking about returning to Yale and then in the revival where he planted the writing a book seed in Rory's head. 
Dean, at the start he was kind and cared about Rory a lot and even Lorelei liked him (not just for water tank changing services). But, he cheated on his wife with Rory.
I actually liked Logan but, the way he acted with Jess made me dislike him a bit, thinking he was better than him. Also, I don't feel like Rory was a particularly nice person when she was with him.

-How many of the books have you read from Rory's reading list? 
Surprisingly I've actually read 8 off her list of 339 book, I'm not much of a reader sadly (hoping to change that) but, I don't think that's too bad for me. 

-Would you rather; only be allowed to drink coffee, or never be able to eat Pop Tarts again? 
Sadly, I'm not a big fan of either if I'm being honest.

-Who is your least favourite character? 
Maybe Nicole and Strobe & Francine.

-Are you on Team Luke, or Team Christopher? 
Team Luke of course!

In a fight between Taylor and Mrs. Kim who would win?
Mrs. Kim every time! You definitely haven't watched Gilmore girls if you don't find Mrs Kim slightly scary.

How much do you dislike April?
I didn't dislike her but, she wasn't really a favourite character of mine as she could be annoying at times. I thought the whole 'Luke having a child' story line was a bit unnecessary really. 

- Dave or Zack?

-If you went to Stars Hollow, where would you most like to visit? 
where wouldn't I? top of my list would definitely be Luke's Diner (I'll have a burger and fries please), Lorelei's house, the Dragonfly Inn and the Gazebo (just for how photogenic that thing is) & imagine sitting in there reading with a hot chocolate?

-What would you steal from the Gilmore Girls set? 
Lorelei's monkey lamp, probably a few of the outfits Lorelei wore.

-Finally, what did you think of the revival?
hmm I both like and dislike parts really. I wish there had been more on certain characters like Lane & Sookie. 

-What was your favourite part of the revival?
-Seeing Luke and Lorelei together
-When Emily quits the DAR
-Any part containing Rory and Jess moments

I hope you enjoyed reading my answers to my 
Thank you so much for reading!
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